Nodes have failed after update

I had been on on a C-7 and wanted to update for the cloud backup.

Once I updated to everything stopped working. I did a shutdown and restart after 1 minute, but still had issues. Doing a repair, 80 % of the nodes fail.

I even restored to and the nodes still were failed. I did a shutdown and restart the same way, and tried to repair and all is still not working.

I am back on and still have 80% of the nodes failed. I really, really, don't want to have to reset everything as this has happened before and I am just about ready to go to a different hub platform.

Any help is appreciated.

Here is a screenshot after an attempted repair. All nodes failed.

The first recommendation is to shutdown the hub, remove power, and wait a minute or two before powering back up and restarting.

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And the second recommendation is to never start a repair for all nodes at once.
Take your time and repair one mains-powered node after the other, and let the the hub rest for for a while after each repair is done.

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MORE ISSUES---- I just updated to to see if that helped. It seems to work as when I went into the dashboard it could see the current status of lights (except for a few). However, if I try to change the state of the light using the dashboard, I get the hourglass and the node fails.

Further, on a node that had failed (outside landscape lights), if I turn them on manually, the state changes on the dashboard; however, it still shows failed and I can't change the state using the dashboard (it just gives the hourglass and shows that it is a failed node).

I picked one and tried to just repair the one and that didn't work either.


Where are you seeing it as "failed"?
Did you reload the dashboard after the hub rebooted with the update?

Yes. I reloaded the dashboard. At first I can see the status of 90 % of the devices. However, I can't control them via the dashboard. If I try to turn off a light... I get the hour glass. Then I went to the z-wave utilities and just tried to refresh the same device and it shows failed. I tried to repair (just the one device) and it can't reach it.

The weird part is that if I manually turn off the light and reload the dashboard, it will not show as off. So it is communicating with most devices, but won't control and the rules won't work either.

My dashboards regularly don't handle status changes well (it gets most that happen thru automations, but often when I click something on the dashboard, it stays stuck on the hourglass).

Backing out of the dashboard and going back in generally fixes that.