NodeRed: Triggering lights after two motion sensors are active within 60 seconds of each other

I have 4 outdoor motion sensors and I want to only trigger the outdoor lights when two of them have been triggered within 60 seconds of each other - this should prevent moths and other insects from triggering the lights in the night.

This is beyond my nodered expertise, I've don't lots of nodered so I get most of the basic concepts but I need a pointer on how to solve this is someone is able to help?

Solving my own issue :slight_smile:

node-red-multi-sensor (node) - Node-RED (


You can do this quite easily in RM too using wait for events. I find it easier to do this and then feed the output via a virtual motion sensor to NR.

Yeah, I used to use an App in HE but I've moved all rules to NR leaving HE just to look after Zig/Z-Wave management.


That looks like a handy node...

edit: Maybe you could also have used a Finite State Machine node but the MS node looks more tailored to your situation..

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Or even one of the Boolean nodes.

Or even string the motion sensor nodes together, where only the first one can send events, while the state of the second is checked.


That's how I would have done it. But I am very picky about keeping my palette as lean and mean as possible, so tend to do as much as possible in the built-in nodes. The built-in nodes are guaranteed to be supported and updated node-red release to release, and node.js release to release... User ones - well, not so much.


That's what I do. Keeps it simpler as well.

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Yeah that seems to be a very sensible approach.. I probably need to be more vigilant about that. I do tend to encapsulate 3rd party stuff in subflows where feasible which allows me to easily tweak things and provide consistent behaviors across flows/sequences. I did get a burned on the "Unsafe Function Node" behavior diverging from the system one after a few updates and had to swap it out.

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