NodeRED not updating from Hubitat

I'm having an issue where NodeRED doesn't appear to receive updates from my Hubitat. After I restart, it will receive updates as expected for awhile, and after I deploy a rule, it will show the correct status, but as I'm experimenting, it doesn't reflect them correctly.

Try refreshing your webhook from node-red

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I've done that several times, but it seems to be working this time for some reason, at the moment. Interestingly-enough, right now it's sending every click I've made back and forth in my test flow over the past several hours. Fortunately, I was using test switches while I was trying to work it out.

Is this something that happens regularly, that they lose communication?


Oops. The "every click" thing was my bad. I had the virtual switch I was testing receiving every time the switch toggled on the hub, it was triggering the rule, which toggled the switch...

Only rarely in my experience but YMMV

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Not in my experience, and I've been using this integration very heavily with three hubs for a year and a half.

Could you describe your network setup (with IP addresses and screenshots of the Node-RED configuration)?

Everything's been working as expected for nearly 48h now, since the last webhook refresh. During that time, I've tried to break it different ways. I've restarted my NodeRED instance (including a few server restarts) and my hub once. I must have done something incorrectly while updating my webhook during the initial config and kept doing the same thing while troubleshooting.

I'm going to assume user error for the moment, and I'll open a new question if I see this happen again. As a rule, I only do convenience automations through my hub. Anything critical, like home security, is a standalone system, so if it happens again, this is a low-priority issue, and I can restart my original rules in RM that NodeRED is replacing.

Thanks for telling me to update the webhook again; I might not have tried again as soon otherwise.

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