NodeRed flow - is there a better way

simple flow based on @aaiyar internet speed flow converted to feed Influx DB

basically it takes the output payload of speedtest extracts upload, download and ping and then loads them into InfluxDB as different measurements. The Developer part of me tells me there is a better way that would would replace the 6 nodes with 2 grab all three pieces of data and then load them.

is there a better way

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Seems like a fine way to do it to me... :+1:

That is more or less how I would have done it. No suggestions for improvement here!

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@JasonJoel most excellent thanks

now to figure out how to monitor my LAN


This is going a different route but there is a docker setup to log results to influxdb. Iā€™m running this in unraid and it works great.

Just another way to skin the cat.

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