Node Red Sub-category

Might we suggest a sub forum for nod red flows. Similar to rm sub forum?

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Just sent a request to @bobbyD. I hope it is possible as long as it restricts itself to Hubitat/Node-RED integration.

So this isn’t going to happen right now for understandable reasons - a specific named sub-category may give the incorrect impression that this is a officially supported integration.

I do want to thank @bobbyD for forwarding my request, and @moderators for considering it.


It was worth a shot. Thanks for the try..

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One trend I've noticed and the HubConect topic is a superb 2nd example.. the topic is started for a specific reason and then as @JasonJoel indicates, 5-10 people later the topic is obscure.

I would imagine that starting NEW topics with a title of "Node-RED" followed by a specific topic would allow for a much more approachable 'recipe system'.

The SmartThings Community has JDRoberts spending what I've assumed to be vast amounts of time reorganizing topics. I know I don't have the 'power' to see messages go off topic and create a new topic. Maybe @bcopeland has both the new found power and the desire to keep topics to less than 300 messages :smiley: :smiley:


Yes - that seems to work. The thread you started (Node-RED Palette: Common Choices) has remained pretty much on target after ~100 posts.

The larger issue for me is that both these threads are in the "Developer" section, yet 90+% of the posts are not about developing anything (in the sense of coding). They're straightforward end-user questions. Leaving me to wonder how many endusers are unaware of something like Node-RED or @kevin's MQTT app simply based on where these posts appear,


That's disappointing. We/they need an unofficial integrations tag. If it's clear it's unoffficial, then it doesnt matter. If it went ahead, it would show the openness of Hubitat Inc. In this day and age, unofficial exudes authenticity and uniqueness. Someone in their own time did this?

There are a whole stack of integrations that = pure awesomeness: Hubitat Package Manager, Hubconnect, NodeRed, MQTT, Zwave updater, and a bunch I've forgotten since I've grown accustomed to them. Openness attracts others. A sub-category wont lead anyone up the garden path, especially if it's lit by Hubitat/NodeRed/MQTT lights, sensors and the unofficial integration tag.

Wouldn't individual tags such as "NodeRed", or "MQTT", or "Hubconnect," etc. be better than just one generic "unofficial" tag?

We have the Community Apps Wiki, with links to main topic, and subsequent posts related to one of those apps should use the app tag to link the posts together:

I also mentioned this, here:


It was in response to: no forum sub category for Node Red. Yes, a tag "Node Red" is better than "unofficial integration", but a forum sub category for Node Red is even better. It's your forum though, so you can choose what you wish. :grinning:

In my searches there are not many discussion forums around the interwebs for Node Red. The official forum is rather elitist, and the subreddit is virtually dead. There's more action here in this one thread than most of the rest of the net. And friendly to boot.


I would add that the fact HE and Node-RED are an insanely useful combination something like that could help draw others in maybe people tired of mucking about with HA or at least wanting to simplify things a bit from their DIY solutions..

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I get it, let's try the #nodered tag to see how it goes, we can always turn it into a sub-category if tagged topics are too many. That's what happened with the #dashboard and #rule_machine subcategories :wink:



Having a tag is all that’s needed. Having a subforum category creates the genuine possibility that you’ll start receiving support requests. I know you’ve received support requests for community integrations many times in the past - last thing i want to do is add to the list of emails you have to triage.


I do agree. I'm just going to throw in that maybe it would make it easier for a noob to get started. I've posted before for help in a flow for Node Red and been pretty much ignored in the there because that thread has gone way past where some people are at. And it's almost impossible to search with any success.

How about a sub-category "Node-RED unofficial integration"? That would get around the issue of Hubitat appearing to officially support Node-RED.

LOL I did not mean to start such a debate.. @bobbyD TY for the consideration.


Questions about Node-RED can be posted to "Support/Integrations" with the tag "nodered". There are already multiple examples of request for help with other community apps using that category/sub-category with a tag.

Discussions about NodeRED can be posted to Developers or Lounge with the same tag.

Edit - wanted to add: If you see an untagged post that should have the nodered tag, anyone can tag it (not just the OP). I spent some time this morning tagging some posts and I notice a few others have as well.

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Are you talking about on these forums? I have had that experience here (in general) too every so often but chalked it up to the people who are willing/able to help not being online at the time and/or the posts coming in so fast that things are getting buried..

It is challenging to keep posts on topic, but if you feel like a discussion slides off topic, you can always tag me or other moderators to split the topic before things get buried.


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