Node Red Sonos Mute Event

Hello. I was wondering if there is a way to initiate a Sonos "mute" event when starting a flow in Node Red. I'm aware of the HE Sonos integration option, however I was looking to offload the Sonos control app to Node Red by itself (less load on HE). Any feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Sure there is. There are multiple node-red Sonos integrations. I use node-red-contrib-sonos-http-api, and I routine set volumes, and mute/unmute using it. I'm sure the other node-red Sonos integrations also permit this.

Yes, but how can I subscribe to a Sonos mute event from Node Red directly connected to Sonos API? I'm aware I can do this with HE, but was wondering if this is possible with NR directly.

With the node-red Sonos integration I use, you can use an inject mode that repeats every second connected to a Sonos status node to monitor the status of any desired Sonos player. And then use a change in status (eg. if msg.payload.mute becomes true) to trigger your sequence.

Yeah, I think that would work. Polling is certainly always an option I guess, wasn't sure if the Sonos integration provided websockets for push message vs poll. This will work, thank you!

If I set it up this way, will it actually poll the physical sonos speaker every second or does this stay local to the sonos node instance?

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