Node Red RPi - GPIO in flow

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Another one on my gate integration, I am trying to get a signal from the gate controller(Roger) when the gate is opened by normal methods, ie keyfob or manual exit button. My plan was to take a voltage signal from the controller and pass it into a GPIO pin to pull it high, via a relay. The only issue I can see is that state will stay high as the voltage will probably be from a light contact that will be on for the duration of the gate opening procedure.

So how does the GPIO in node work, is it just triggered by the high state/state change and doesn't care if the state stays high for a long period? What happens after the likely 5-10 mins when the state will go back to low? Can this state change, if an issue, be "noded" out somehow?

I could probably test it and watch the debug to see what happens but I havent built the relay circuit yet to test, and I am trying to work out the pitfalls in the programming stage.



Not saying you won't get a satisfactory answer to this particular question here, but given its peripheral nature to Hubitat hardware, the odds of getting a solution are much higher on the node-red discourse forum.

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Sorry @aaiyar that's a very good point, question is really in relation to the node-red-node-pi-gpio with node-red, not the hubitat integration, my bad! Will post over there


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