Node-Red for Ademco Nutech AD2USB

I'm running Node-Red vor various functions into HE: poll my plc, poll some rs232-rs485 voltmeter and it works so far for what I expect: retrieve and display data.

I have a NuTech AD2USB linked to my Ademco Vista alarm. It works under the native app but I want to integrate this into NR => HE to obtain some info, without adding Konnected.

So, the expected link is : Vista => AD2USB => USB port (windows machine) => Node-Red => HE

I visited (and tried to learn) the process here:

I installed the 2 nodes and... nothing to parse. Even a basic flow to a debug has absolutely nothing to display. As you can see, the serial is connected (generally the problems are because the serial is busy with another app but not in my case).

My question is: have I missed something here, like "send a request to obtain a value" or something else ? It's quite unusual for me because modbus devices are sending data automatically and I just harvest them in a timely manner.

Thank you

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