No Zwave Logs

Something happens to my C7 hub and it won't print out any Zwave logs. I'm going a Zwave repair right now and I know things are happening but when I look at the Zwave logs in another tab on my browser, there is nothing there. Trying to diagnose slow RM rules with 5 devices and it's just slow. This makes me think there is something wrong with the hub or something - I also just rebooted within the last hour. :frowning:

Anyone have any ideas?

I'm trying to troubleshoot issues on my C7 as well and see the same thing. No ZWave logs at all. I was moving my devices from my C5 to my C7 and then all of a sudden my C7 stopping adding and removing any devices - almost like Zwave broke. I ran a repair and the majority of my devices failed. Some of my devices are reporting and others aren't. :frowning:

Yup, the same thing with me. No Zwave logs, repair and most of the devices fail. I guess I'll shut down the device, power it down, then plug it back in and see what happens. I'll report back here.

Just saw there was an update with a number of zwave changes. Backed up my config and am installing now. I also removed all of the Ecobee thermostat stuff, it seemed to be really bloated and I wasn't use it. Removed a number of other drivers that I wasn't using as well. Will see what happens when this thing is done upgrading.

Awesome. After the update, all my zwave devices are gone. :frowning: Is that expected? I would think I shouldn't have to do a restore after every upgrade.

Yup, all my zwave devices are now gone.

This makes me really frustrated.

Something is seriously wrong with this thing. Now I can't even get it to detect any zwave devices no matter what I do. Maybe I should shut down, power off, and restart. Really frustrating.

I had to erase everything on the device and completely rebuild everything to get back to where I was. At least I think things are working but I have no idea what happened earlier. I was convinced that the unit was dead. Seems that it has stability issues. I'll make sure I'm careful keeping backups of everything.

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