No zigbee repeaters repeating zigbee

Hi all,

Just finished setting this up (on Wednesday), 4 days ago, and the route info shows no device is repeating. Is this OK? Is it even possible?

Spot devices are Philips HUE GU10, Blinds/Relay devices are Smartwise relays, Ambient devices are Gledopto dimmer/RGBW controllers.

I'm not complaining, everything works honky-dory, no delays in any command, I just find it strange that there are no repeaters showing up 4 days later. Did a few reboots and a 'Rebuild network' days ago.


I posted on this last week.

In my case the two were very inconsistent.

You situation seems rather strange. I thought the max direct zigbee connections to the Hub was 16 but perhaps that was an old limit.

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Used to be 32 max direct connected end devices (which would appear in the Child Data section) and max of 16 neighbor routers could occupy the Neighbor Table Entry section (the max neighbor table size limit being set compile time). Evidently the size of the neighbor table has expanded beyond 16 for the C-8. There seem to be 26 in the one you posted.

Maybe @mike.maxwell can shed some light on if these limits have changed...