No state reported on NYCE contact sensor

Alright folks, the move continues. Now moving all my contact sensors and they're a mixture of both zwave and zigbee sensors. So far only one issue and it is with the NYCE door hinge contact sensors. Altogether i only have 4 of those installed and three are fine, but one will only report the battery state and not the contact state.. Any suggestions on what to do here, aside from removing, resetting and re-adding? (which i have not done yet).
Here are two of them, one with and another without the issue for comparison.

They are Zigbee it looks like.
You can try Running the Configure command, if that does not work I would reset it and pair again (DO NOT remove the device entry from the hub). Zigbee devices retain the DNI when reset and paired again so it will drop into the same slot. One of the initial config steps possibly got missed by the device the first go around.

Ok, thanks, I will try. Now, with running the configure command, is the only think to do is to press the configure button? Or there are other steps with it?

Yes, if that doesn't work, then I would factory reset the device and join it again to hubitat.
Do not delete the device in hubitat!
When it joins again it will merge with the existing driver...