No response to digital commands on switches after adding z-wave device

I will try that. Hopefully it will stick. All my zwave device are in the secure network. I only have 3 inovelli switches. Will it cause a problem if I only exclude and include my inovelli switches in unsecure network? My hub is located downstairs, and my inovelli switches are located upstairs. I don't know it unsecure commands can repeat on a device in secure network.

OK so I need a bit of info here. How many of our switches do you have on the hub ?

You only have one network. It is neither secure or insecure. What that setting does is change the way that a device pairs with your hub and determine if communications with that device will be secure or insecure but only if the device supports secure join. If the device does not, it will always join insecure. Also, "insecure" is really a misnomer. It just means it doesn't have the extended level of security that barrier devices (lock/garage door openers) are required to have. There is nothing inherently less secure about it. I can dig up an article from the ST forum that someone wrote on secure Z-wave if you're really interested.

I have 3 switches. Black series on/off and I'm using custom driver Inovelli Switch LZW30. I didn't have problem when I added the two switch. However, after adding the third a week after, I started having problems, not specifically in your switch, but sending on/off commands in all of my switches. After a reboot, it will work for about an hour but stop working again. A soft reset seems to solve the problem, but after adding another zwave device (motion sensor zooz ZSE 18), the problem started again.

Ok I think this is a bug we already know about and we are testing a new FW here to combate this.


Ah, ok. I see. that's good to know. I need to do more reading about this. Thanks.

Thanks. Hopefully that will fix the problem. Thanks again to y'all for the replies.

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BTW secure pairing isn't the issue. Me and both Eric's, CEO and CTO, have tested this already.

We believe the issue is the switches are self rebooting and sending a random command which what we are currently testing with the FW we got on Friday.

So far my red switch hasn't rebooted or crashed so I am pretty confident that its fixed.


So is there any chance that the random commands are flooding the network, thereby not allowing the hub to send on/off commands on other switches?

It's not random commands being sent -- its the switches FW that is faulty and doing this on a reboot or crash.

Smart switches are code driven like a computer

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Gotcha boss. Thanks again.


I just want to report back. So my hub has been stable after I excluded my 3 Inovelli Switches on/off Black Series LZW-30 for 2 weeks now. There are times in the day where I would get delayed Motion Lighting for about 2-3 sec, but it resolves after a min or 2. I can live with that.

With everything said, I want to include my Inovellis back to my hub. With the firmware being faulty, the only firmware for download I saw on Inovelliโ€™s website is for the red series. Do you have any links for the updated firmware for Black Series? Thanks