No response from Hub

Hello, did you submit a support ticket for this?

This is from a year ago, so I am not sure this is relevant. There have been lots of changes to firmware since then.

Maybe you can provide some details about your hub firmware version, which hub you are on (C5? C7?) your network setup (router brand/model), is this hub connected to a router or switch? Do you have a reserved IP address for the hub, and whatever else may be important so someone has an idea of where to even start.

Hi there, no I haven’t submitted a ticket. I’m out of town so don’t have all the details you request. The hub has been up for about 3 years so I believe it’s a C5. I have had 2 different Netgear routers since the issue has been occurring. Currently a Netgear RAX78. Not sure about the other details you ask because I’m not home and I’m not that technical. If this info helps let me know. If you need more info I’ll try to get it next week when I’m home. Thanks for replying so quickly. I love my hubitat but this issue really is frustrating. It developed about a year ago but I have no idea why. I assumed it was a temporary bug that would get fixed. So when it persisted I just didn’t know how to get it addressed.

At one point, Netgear were causing connectivity issues. Not sure if that is still the case?

It probably would be best to get the details, and to be able to be there to try things. You might also submit a trouble ticket to in the mean time.