No response after power/internet outage

Does anyone else have no response issues after a power outage or internet outage? I notice my devices go no response until I reboot my Hubitat hub or restart the HomeKit integration.

I'm running a C5 on the latest firmware and I don't have this problem. My internet access was down for a bit today while the tech worked on the drop to my house and I had no issues whatsoever.

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No issues here with internet outages and my hub is on a UPS so power outages are no problem at all.

I could have been various issues, sounds like something was not able to get connected right away after the internet / router restarted or whatever happened exactly. Your Home Hub possibly did not reconnect right away or the hub was not able to make the HK connection.

Aside from the database corruption potential when power is unexpectedly removed from the hub, sometimes the hub will come back online before your router's DHCP services are available, which means the hub fails to acquire the right IP address.


What Brad said; this is the issue I run into after a power outage, requiring a reboot of the hub.

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