No responce from hub

I have two hubs, one on the ground floor and one in the attic of my home.
The one on the ground floor started giving me "no responce from hub" when trying to access it from the internet. I made no changes to the network or the network config on that hub.
When I try to access the hub from my own network, it is normaly responsive and fast.
When I enable the vpn to my home, I can access the hub like normal (on it's local adress).

The other hub, the one in the attic, can be accessed normaly from the internet.
When I do a ping / tracer to I see nothing out of the ordenary.

What could be causing this?

First do a power cycle, and if that doesn't work press the network reset button on the bottom of the hub for 7 seconds (It is the only round hole out of all the square ones. Use a toothpick or paperclip)

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Ended up shutting down the hub, remove power for 15 minutes, then restore power and it was fixed.
Strange, seeing I already did this a few times debugging this issue.

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