No Off column in Room Lighting

Hi - I have a room lighting app that seems to be missing the Off column in the activation table. It's present in other apps, so I'm wondering if there's something I did to make it disappear. I believe I may have originally created this app from a Motion lighting app so I wondered if it was related to that. I'm also finding that this app doesn't seem to turn off sometimes when the conditions for doing so seem to be true.

I can't really help with your issue but I did notice 'Preset Off' appears above the table. I don't see that in any of my room lighting instances, might be something to check into, but it's just a guess.

Yeah, I think I realized that's why - there's a separate table for the Off settings due to that feature

Correct. This option removes the "off" column because, at that point, you are replacing the off command with whatever preset you define.


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