No notification to smart phone

I came home and the water main valve was shut off .... i expected there to be some notification on my phone but there was not .. i expected to see something pop up on my phone but even when I went into the phone app...the notification page was blank
I think I have it setup correctly....
This is very concerning....if I have a water leak I need to know about it ....

Is this a bug ?

Potentially. But something to confirm is you are logged into the hub in the HE mobile app when notification is sent. I'm not expecting this should be required., but I know I have some issues that may be linked to this or at least that I am logged in to my second hub instead of the one sending me notifications.

The other thing I would double-check is to make sure you only have one "device" representing your phone on the HE hub. I have somehow ended up with two which I haven't got around to fixing. When you log onto the he hub in the app I think it asks you what device to use...

I use the HE app for routine notifications and haven't had any issues with it, but I use Twilio in addition for stuff I really want to make sure I know about. Like the alarm going off or a water leak :slight_smile:

interesting....i DO have 2 ...

  1. how is this possible
  2. do i just delete one ..
  3. where is the phone number ...i dont see in the device entry

I'm not 100% sure how it occurs, but when you login from a new device I think you are asked to provide a device name... It's been so long since I did it.... For me I wonder whether having two hubs may have something to do with it.. not sure.

In terms of how to deal with it and whether to remove one of them, that may be the way to do in the end, but before you do, I'd check the Is Used By section at the bottom of the device page for both devices. Check what apps or rules refer to the devices, making sure you adjust any references so they all point to 1 of the devices, then look at removing the other. If you want, I might try and look at this myself and report back anything I find.

I wouldn't expect the phone number to be captured in the device, that would be concerning if it recorded that I would think... The interaction with the phone is to send notifications via the app and to identify the device, I would not expect the phone number to be the method for identification on the HE platform.


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