No neutral required - 3+ options

I have an outdoor fountain switch on a 4 gang box. The fountain, on a seperate circuit than the other switches, has only TWO wires - LINE and LOAD, no neutral.

While there is plenty of discussion for no neutral solutions, none of them are off the shelf product solutions that integrate with Zwave.

  1. Borrow a neutral from an adjacent switch. This is against code and a fire hazard. Also, the fountain switch is on a circuit with a GFI. The stealing a neutral immediately triggers the GFI safety shut off.

  2. Use the LINE and NEUTRAL from an adjacent switch. This did not work. THe switch was recognized by Hubitat, but turning it on at the switch or through the app produces no response.

  3. NO NEUTRAL REQUIRED SWITCH. Only ones I can find are incompatible with Zwave WITHOUT AN ADDITIONAL HUB.

What has anyone found that resolves this issue?

Inovelli Red, maybe? But I think it'll come down to whether or not that particular load will be adequate enough to compensate for not having a neutral.

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Any chance you could install your z-wave switch at a location in the circuit where there is a neutral? Typically I would suggest either at the panel or at the fountain.

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OK, this probably isn't the neat solution you wanna hear but...

How about leaving the switch alone and then down near the fountain put a waterproof box with your choice of smart relay in the box switching the 120V to the fountain as called for at the hub.

Unfortunately you'd also have to throw a transformer in there to provide low voltage to the relay. But hey, if you rig this up right and use a 2 or 4 channel relay, you could also run low voltage lights around the fountain for the holidays. it going to be up to code. Hummm.

Can you use something like a Zen51 (if it will fit in the box)? Disconnect both wires from the fountain switch. Those wires will tie into “IN” and “OUT” on the Zen51. Tie “L” and one side of the disconnected fountain switch to the adjacent switch line and “N” to adjacent switch neutral. Then tie “S1” into the other side of the fountain switch. This should keep the fountain wiring isolated and your GFI happy.

Note: I don’t own a zen51, but in looking at it, this approach should work - and should keep your existing “dumb” switch functional. The key is to keep your adjacent line/neutral isolated from your fountain line/load.

Edited to correct/clarify wiring.

You may be able to replace one of the adjacent switches with a Zen30, then use the "bottom" switch on the zen30 for your application. As I recall, the bottom switch is just a relay. You'll need to check the load limitations on the switch, but it looks like its rated for mechanical loads.

This would have the added "benefit" of freeing up 1 gang in your box.


If you're looking for a no-neutral zwave device, GE/Jasco has a zwave dimmer switch which I've used successfully in a number of places. Very easy to pair.

TBH, I would not put any sort of no-neutral switch/dimmer on this unless you can manage to find one rated for pump/motor use. I think the only safe options are (1) replace the switch with a blank (or a zen37) and feed the circuit through the box, and put a relay module at the fountain if there’s a safe/dry place to put it; or (2) use an isolated contact closure in the switch box.

Aside from the zen51, this is another example of an isolated contact closure. And hey, you can still replace the fountain switch with a zen37… better than a blank.