No logs at all

I am facing an issue randomly probably every 2-3 weeks that there are no logs at all. I am still able to trigger things manually using my dashboard but no automation happening at all. How to trouble shoot what is causing this ?? I have to restart my hub everytime this happen which is annoying

If I click on "show past logs" :

Do the device pages reflect the status change from on to off, etc.? If not, thatโ€™s pretty much the exact same thing that happened to me last week. Reboot and all is fine, but I feel like itโ€™s happened a couple times over the past couple weeks. I would shoot an email to support so that they can possibly look at the logs. They did mention that there was a lot of stuff in the logs related to the Chromecast integration. Are you using that?

the state is not updated in the devices itself. Example my door lock is unlocked but it show state as locked and one light was off, then I turned it on using Hubitat and it physically turned on but the status still shows as off.
Yes to fix this I have to restart my hub but is annoying everytime that it happens that I have to reboot it. I have sent an email to them to see if they can take a look now that I have this issue but not sure how long it will take for them to see my email so I will try not to reboot until they reply to me but not sure if I can wait until that as it may take days.
As for chromecast integration I am using TTS but with a Raspberry Pi and not with the built in app. Could this still be the problem ?

That sounds like the same issue I was having. Commands were going out (and responses coming in, in the Zigbee logs), but no events being created.
I assume @bobbyD was the person helping me. Maybe there are some commonalities in our logs?

Are you using any 'custom' apps or drivers?
If so, is it possible to disable a few to see if the issue stops. This could help you diagnose what is causing the issue.

Please don't hold back rebooting your hub. It doesn't make a difference in your logs. Actually rebooting when something like this happens, if it doesn't resolve the problem, at least, it gives us a data-point when the incident happened, so we can investigate prior events.

yes I have some custom apps and drivers but will be painful to check one by one as I will have to one on hold and wait 2 - 3 weeks to see if this problem is not coming back, then the next one for another 2 - 3 weeks and so on and it will take months ..

hi @bobbyD ok then I will reboot now, is there any other info I could provide for Hubitat team to find the root cause ??

hi @bobbyD today once again there are no logs so I have no automation. How to fix this permanently? is annoying to have to restart my hub every 2 weeks because of this problem. thanks

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