No idea what comcast did?

I guess i owe the support guy that changed my account a thank you.

internet went down and i was about to call up and bitch.

I was on a 1g plan 35 up.. every year they raise their speeds a little bit and jack the price up 30 bucks
when your contract is up
so now over like 6 years i went from 500 to 750 to a gig and now it was going to be like $120 more than originally so i complained and decided to have them bump it down to 750 meg.

so now i am supposed to be on 750 down 35 up. business act with static ips.

before i called up to bitch i decied to run a speed test.. wtf


never seen such high upload speeds guess they are testing something new.. hope it lasts.

Delete this ASAP! You don't want Comcast finding out!!! :grin:


nothing left that can identify me i think.

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Damn... Those are SciFi speeds.

well i was told they are moving towards symetric bus. accounts in a year or two via docsis 4.. as now there finally will be some competiton here with fiber.. however i called the fiber company about a static ip account no call back and also they are not active yet.

i only have a docsis (3.1 or 3.5 not sure?) modem anyway right now.. so not sure what is going on except maybe they are testing it and since i am not using the top speed tier of 1.2 gig they allocated the extra bandwidth to my upload.. That is all i can figure . i canot use my own modem, must use theres due to the 13 static ip block.

We are probably quite a way behind you in the UK.

FTTP generally isn't available apart from on new build housing and a few select areas where it's been rolled out. The area I live in still doesn't have FTTC available, as BT Openreach probably can't be bothered to run fibre less than 2KM to the local telephone exchange that was already updated some years ago. I guess it's not worth their while financially, as the area is covered by the cable provider, who can provide far faster speeds (BT FTTC Fibre tops out at about 76Mbps over the old knackered copper twisted pair wiring).

We can get Gigabit download over coax from Virgin Media, (previously NTL and before that Comcast who installed the cable infrastructure in about 2002 with their 1Mbps replacing my 56K dial up!). I have 550 down 35 up.

@kahn-hubitat I think they're starting rollout everywhere. That said, if you have FIOS available, look at that. 1g up/down for 83 bux flat (no fees) a month, 5 bux a month for static ip, $15.00 for 5 ip's. Suitable for business. I just got off of comcast and couldn't be happier.

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Just curious, but what do you use the static IP for?

Host my mail and dns servers.


Fios not avail.

I assume if that was the case we would see new teers announced. And also under my act it still shows 750/35.

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Yeah, when we moved here 12 years ago, verizon stopped rollout 4 miles away that year. Was pissed. This year they completed our area and I jumped on it... Especially with all the backups I do and have to push out.

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Ya not enough bandwidth for cloud backups. Using macrium reflect and qnap nas's

Well I backup client VM's and raw data. Also some aws buckets and others tuff...


The fiber they are rolling out eventually is a renamed frontier unfortunately. I had static ip
Dsl with them previously and they were useless. Was having dropped packets snd routing problems with the static ips and they could never figure it out.

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Don't rule out that fiber without more investigation... In some parts of my region, CenturyLink DSL was the only option for many years - it was god-awful service on all fronts (I managed my parents' account at their house). I had Comcast as an option in my neighborhood so I was on that instead of CL DSL.

Rather unexpectedly, CenturyLink announced 1-gig fiber to my neighborhood for $60, so I took a chance -- and it was great (good CS, good actual service connection etc)... it was as if a totally different company was doing the fiber stuff vs DSL.

A local company started doing underground fiber for a similar price so I'm now with them instead, but I'd otherwise still be on CenturyLink fiber. If the rebranded Frontier price is good for fiber, I'd at least give it a shot.

2 Likes i said i have a request in for service . No response and the callback i was supposed to get regarding business service... again No callback.

Don't think they are ready yet.

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Also not getting any warm fuzzy that they can't offer service yet when the fiber was installed last April.

As a side note, IF you have access to both Verizon & Comcast/Xfinity/etc. use that to your advantage. I threaten each company with switching to the other(home is wired for both), and as a result I always get the best deals, and if not, I drop their service and in 3 months I'm magically a "new" customer, entitled to all the deals and rebates.
1 gig service, DVR-cable box, router, middle TV channel package 119.00/month


Don't be too sure of that :slight_smile:

I have 10 un and 180 down. I'm suppose to have 250 down.
However I still have a DOCSIS 3 modem. Was going to purchase a 3.1 but decided to wait for Docsis 4.

Anyway I believe its a rare case when the download speed matters to me. I just rebuilt my system and downloading some install files took a long time..... definitely not due to my potential internet speed.

This thread PISSES me off. I live in a small town in Northern Mn and we have the cable company with rediculious low data plans and dsl that maxes out at 12mb. We have fiber phone lines in and out of town in every direction but GD CenturyLink won't update the switching equipment. Heck we still can't even get traditional voicemail on a landline,lol. Oh and that 12 mb service is around $70/mo now. Total BS

Thank god for Elon Musk at least I can get 100-250mb but that's still $110 a month. I'm so jealous of so many of you!