No Devices

Hubitat reports that I have no devices attached, and yet everything seems to be working fine. Alexa, Google and SharpTools dashboards all happy.

I've rebooted the hub twice, rebooted my laptop twice. Still says I have no devices.

Any thoughts on what might be happening?

Power cycle.. not just a reboot.

Settings -> Shutdown hub.

Wait a couple minutes, The LED will go red.

Remove power, wait.. insert power.


Thanks - that did it!

I'm at the age where I check the obituaries each morning to make sure I'm not listed. I had hoped that my smart home setup and dashboards would outlive me for at least a year or two, because my spouse won't be able to maintain the stuff. However I don't think it will outlive me very long. Seems like something needs attention, or something gets deprecated, or something needs an update.

I'm not writing this as a complaint! I believe it's just the facts of where we are on the maturity curve of this technology. The TV will outlive me as will the refrigerator. And maybe if I can hang in for a few more years, the smart home will outlive me too.

In the meantime, I enjoy fiddling with it!