No devices in the mobile app

Since the update of the mobile app I have labels for rooms in the devices list, but not a single device shows up (I can toggle the expansion, but no change). I use an iPhone

Me neither. Android.

Dumb question, did you create rooms and add devices to rooms on the HE?


Try clearing the Hubitat Android app cache.

I have an iPhone.

It shows up correctly on the Mac:

Not sure what to do with the Apple devices. My wife has one and every time I have to do something with it I always want to smash it with a hammer.

Hopefully, someone with an Apple will come along and help.

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I'm experiencing the same issues with my Android phone. I just came here to ask about it. I cleared cache and data for the Hubitat app and that didn't change anything.

Do you have any switches or dimmers in any of your rooms? Those may be the only devices that currently show up in the mobile app’s new Devices tab.

Ok, then I understand why there is nothing. But then this new tab is confusing and not well thought.

  • Why isn't it called 'Switches' or 'Controls' because it is nothing else than a new kind of automatically generated dashboard.
  • Why does it show empty rooms ? Rooms with no controls should be hidden.
  • Why does the user not be able to setup (checkbox) devices to show as for example a thermostat (even if it's only a heating valve like the Eurotronics Spirit) is for me a control (kind of switch) that I want to show up there.

That’s why it’s listed as foundational in the release notes. They’ve put in the infrastructure for future development, but have not fully architected the final product...

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Anyone else have problems with seeing rooms when switching between two hubs? I can only see Rooms / Devices in the Rooms page for one hub. Weirdly it changed for some reason the other day from showing my rooms in my C-4 Hub to those on my C-7 hub, i.e. if I connect to my C-4 hub I see nothing but if I connect to my C-7 hub I see Rooms and Devices. I am aware of the device type issue outlined above, and have populated the rooms with various devices on both hubs....

Anyone find a solution? I have 3 hubs and have assigned devices to rooms only on Hub C. When I open Hub A or B with mobile app, I have devices. Devices is blank for Hub C.

I have cleared cache and data.

The new app may not be ready for multiple hubs yet.

I don't know why but I opened the app today for Hub C and it is showing devices. I did nothing to make that happen.

i setup the habitat for first time with devices and can't see devices on Android and apple ipad. what in the world. poor introduction.

I'm having an issue like this. I can only see the lights in specific rooms on the "devices" page of the app. Garage Door, locks, or other devices do not show up at all.

Correct. At this time, only switches and dimmers show up the Hubitat Mobile App's list of Rooms/Devices.

If you'd like to see all of your devices, simply create a Hubitat Dashboard and add the preferred devices to that particular dashboard. Then, within the Hubitat Mobile App, you'll be able to bring up your new dashboard.

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Only switches and bulbs will show there.

Thanks to you and @rlithgow1 for the clarifications.

Newly moving to HE from ST ( née Wink) so I clearly have questions. :wink:

At the end, this is perhaps a non-issue for me since I mostly use Apple Home (via Homebridge) as my UI.

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