Nightstand button Suggestions

Just noticed that Aeotech added them to their web site:

And Amazon is the exclusive online sales:

At least they have it bundled properly wit Hubitat in their "Buy it with.."


We do have voice control available, but your point is correct, loudly asking something to be done while another is sleeping is going over worse than the various smart switches I'm installing, or apps I'm trying to tune.

EDIT: and the frustration factor of having to verbally repeat something not understood the first time while another is sleeping is also very valid.

I am not sure how it is possible, but I find that I can whisper to Alexa and it still understands me. The issue is that when Alexa responds, it is at the normal volume.

Doesn't she respond in whisper if you whisper to her? Mine does, I thought they all worked that way. Or is that still too loud?

Using Echo Speaks, I set the volume to be very quiet after 10 PM, and louder at 8 AM. You can still whisper to her, and she responds or plays music or whatever at the reduced volume.

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You can enable whisper mode and Alexa will respond to a whisper in whisper mode.


I have hundreds of brand new Iris V1 buttons at $7.00 each plus shipping. These do not have double push or held attributes but that can be worked around with groups or scenes. They use a CR2 battery, have great battery life and are solid as a rock with both haptic and led feedback.

I just use an old cell phone and have a dashboard with all the controls I want displayed with Fully Kiosk

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