Nightly Backup Times

I have been under the impression that the hub backups run nightly around 3:00AM. I was just initiating a backup and noticed the regular backup times for the last several days have been occurring between 5:00 AM and 7:30 AM EDT. The two most recent backups are manual backups I initiated. I did double check check my hub time and it is correct.

Have I missed something and the nightly backup time schedules have changed?

Mine are still happening at about 3am

Thanks @ogiewon. I've had so much weirdness going on in the mornings I don't know whether this could be part of the problem, or just another symptom of a broader problem. I've just done a soft reset and restore and will check the backup time in the morning. If it is still not in the 3:00AM range I'll open a ticket with support.

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