nextPage in an App Behavior

Hello, everyone.

Recently I noticed something that was peculiar so I want a sanity check. As far as I can remember if on a dynamicPage if I specificed "nextPage: null" then it would show a "Done" button and always back out of that page one level. If I specified a page (instead of null) it would show a "Next" button and continue to that page.

However, what I'm noticing lately is if I'm visiting a dynamic page from a dynamic page AND the lower level of dynamic page has null specified for a next page, it is not just backing out of the page one level when I click "Done". Instead it is following the last href I have specified in that lower dynamic page.

This is particularly problematic because on the page I'm seeing this behavior the last URL is a link to delete something. I can give specifics if necessary.

Do you guys get what I'm trying to say?