Newly Configured Hub Move to Remote Location

I had created a related thread early last month but I need a bit more detail.

I have ordered a brand new hub C8 that I plan to install at my brother-in-laws place. From my previous thread I know I can add this hub to my existing account however Is this possible:

  1. Initialize and setup account, apps/rules/device/etc and test at my home location/network (using ethernet)
  2. Move this new hub to a totally new network (usingWIFI). What do I need to know? When I connect to the new network is there anything I need to do on the hub itself or will it simple connect using the static IP I setup on my own network?
  3. The new location has a modem providing wifi but, while there are ethernet ports, I have no access to anything else on the isp provided device. Can I connect the C8 via wifi and how well does this work?
  4. If I subscribe to "Remote Admin" will it give me access to all my hubs regardless of their location?
  5. This new hub will be totally managed by myself. As far as my brother in law is concerned it doesnt even exist. Anything else I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance

Static IP is for Ethernet only, and the new network may have different settings required. If you want to set up on Wifi you will need to do a network reset (hold hidden button on bottom for 7 seconds). When the hub reboots it should start up the onboarding hotspot to connect to. (Trying to find a doc on it). You could also just hook it to ethernet (after network reset) and it will get an IP via DHCP. You could then leave it like that or connect to it, and setup the Wifi from there.

See above, and yes it works alright, although if you can get it on the ethernet I would use that instead.


Tell him not to unplug it?

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My problem is the ISP equipment. It is just a modem providing WAN access via WIFI LAN. The modem does have 4 ethernet ports but I am certain that each port provides is own WAN IP. So, if I hardwire the hub to one of those ports the WIFI to which my brother in law's phone and ipad is connected would not see this hub.

As far as I know, the ISP does not provide bridging capabilities but even if they did, hooking up a router with its own wifi and ethernet capabilities would be a bit much for what we are trying to do.

If the ports give direct WAN access with a separate IP that is very rare, since IPv4s are limited they usually would only give out one per person unless you pay extra.

If that is the case though, then the Wifi might be your best bet. Should work good enough, lots of other people use it without complaint.

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