Newer Hubitat Elevation home automation hub

Don't want to buy a hub and 2 months later find out a newer version is coming out soon.
Any work on the when the next version of the Hubitat coming out?

That's a 21st Century refrain isn't it? :smiley:

Phones, tablets, computers, really anything electronic is stuck in that scenario. Hubitat has not, and have said they will not, reveal their roadmap.


If you have a use case that the current hub can’t satisfy, I’d add that to this thread so it can be considered.

I have not heard of anything in the works from Hubitat on new hardware. And, with the current global supply chain issues (especially for new silicon), I doubt we'll see anything new for a while. If Microsoft, Sony, and NVIDIA can't get chips, I don't see a small company like Hubitat being able to either.

Disclaimer: The above is purely my personal thoughts on the situation, as I do not work for Hubitat, nor do I have any inside information.


Don't see that happening for the reasons that @ogiewon mentioned. And FWIW, there are plenty of Hubitat users whose homes are automated using C-3/C-4 and C-5 hubs. My zigbee hub is a C-5 that is 3 years old; my z-wave hub is a C-7 from 2020.

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With 700 series Z-Wave chips reported to be unobtanium until 2023, I'm thinking that my new-in-box C7 hub is going to double in price by summer..... :money_with_wings: