Newby stuck on adding or selecting Amazon Echo connected devices

Okay, brand new setup and brand new user here. Over the last few years I've built up my Alexa devices to the point where my wife can't remember all the names and functions, and just gets frustrated. So, working my way towards more simplified control screens. Since I have about 17 different Alexa controlled devices, it makes since to start there before adding other things.

I've tried the initial setup for devices in many ways. Install built in Alexa skill on Hubitat, enable skill in Alexa on iphone, link accounts, discover devices, nothing new found. Look on web portal, no devices. Uninstall everything, and start with skill on Alexa, let that push the skill onto my device, link accounts, and still no devices in the list.

Many resets and and re-do's along the way. I'm at the steepest part of the learning curve today, but a suggestion would help. In all tutorials and videos I've watched, I'm mirroring the steps, but never see the magic of the list of devices.

Any help appreciated very much.

I'll let others help you w/Amazon connections as I'm a GH guy.

However, part of your problem may be that you don't have enough automations, and rely too much on controlling everything actively via switches or voice commands. You may need to think about adding some contact and motion sensors so you and especially your wife don't have to turn things on and off all the time - they can come on when you need them via motion/contact sensing, and go out based on the same and/or time of day, day of the week, etc.

If you don't have any contact or motion sensors currently, you should look at your use-cases and desired light actions, and see what you can automate so your wife only has to control things manually as an exception, rather than all the time. Hope that makes sense... :slight_smile: My family LOVES buttons, but over time they use them a lot less because automations take care of things for them. They want the buttons so they feel they can control things, but once automations are tuned long-term they end up using them infrequently.

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Thank you, that's certainly the plan. Right now I have a "convenient" home, and I'm evolving into a "smart-home". Plan on adding a wide variety of sensors, curtain controls, motion, etc. But, I have to start with what I have.

Today is my first baby step, and of course I stumble and fall on my face. Believe me, I'm looking forward to getting there.

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Good to hear you're already thinking about that. Someone should chime in soon to help. Hopefully someone will show up soon w/experience w/the Echo skill. I don't remember any names off-hand, unfortunately.

While you're waiting, you can start researching contact and motion sensors...there are lots of threads here w/folks talking about their favorites. :wink:

Just to clarify, you do have devices in Hubitat, not just in Alexa, right?

And when you installed the Echo Skill, you selected what Hubitat devices you wanted to share with Alexa?

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Here are a couple of threads on contact and motion sensor recommendations:

There are more, just search your way into analysis heaven. :wink:

At this time I do not have any other devices in Hubitat. I wanted to start with what I had just to get up and running. Then add like crazy.

When I installed the Echo skill, linked my account, selected the hub, and it dropped into "Discovering devices" Came back with "No New Devices." I go to manage devices (in the Hubitat skill) and it seems to just take me to Alexa main device page. Despite having 17 devices connected to Alexa, I have yet to get to any page resembling the attached.

I read those last week. Excited to implement. There's a door in my shop that I consistently leave open It was 3 degrees here this morning, so that's not only stupid on my part, it's expensive. I look forward to a day when I say good night, and the system reminds me that a particular door is open.

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Unfortunately, that Echo Skill isn't what you want. Echo only devices are not able to be used that way.

There are ways to get Echo devices into Hubitat, but it isn't as simple as having them natively paired with Hubitat.

Here is a recent thread about how a Alexa enabled lock was able to be imported into Hubitat.

Are these Zigbee, Wifi? Can you list what devices they are (brand/model)? If possible, remove them from Alexa and pair them with Hubitat.


They're mostly a variety of tp-link switches and smart plugs.

And, wow. I really missed something in all these setup vids and discussion. Kept reading, and seeing "compatibility with Alexa" complete with how-to's and demo's. Today's goal was to build a single dashboard tile, and flick an existing switch on and off. Eventually move into a Sharptools dashboard that gave me control over devices from a variety of manufacturers.

This is disappointing to say the least, and will require a bit of a paradigm shift on my part.

Install this Hubitat integration, written by @djgutheinz

Then add your TP-Link devices to Hubitat. Then you can add them to a Hubitat dashboard.

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Big Lightbulb illuminates above my head. :bulb:

Thank you. heading rapidly in that direction now, and appreciate the course correction. Understand the the Alexa relationship a little more.


So while there is no direct way to interface Alexa only devices into HE, there are roundabout ways using Alexa routines as the final output where basically you do all of the heavy lifting automation in HE with a virtual device in place of the Alexa device, then expose that virtual device to Alexa, and then have a simple routine do what you want using the virtual device as a trigger.

For instance I do this with my Echo Flex and the USB motion sensor accessory, which cannot be exposed in any way. I have Alexa Routines use a motion detected signal to turn on a virtual switch that HE sees and a motion not detected signal turn off that switch. Then I use that data to control lights inside HE. Yes it is slow due to Alexa cloud but hey it works. Also yes, I could just do all of the automation inside Alexa, but then you kinda lose the point of having a HE.

If you go one step further you can get even more control by using Node-RED but that is a whole other discussion lol.

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