Newbie Setup Question

Just received my Hubitat yesterday, and was able to (pretty easily) get all my zigbee lights, plugs, and a dimmer switch connected, and got rules set up for the dimmer switch to work the lights I wanted, and sunset to sunrise operation of some lights.

My purpose for getting the Hubitat was to consolidate all the various device brands I have (Osram, Ring, Wyze Cams, MyQ Garage Door Opener) into a single location for operation/access, instead of having 4 different apps.

Searching and reading through posts about the other device brands, it appears I still need another type of device to serve as a “middle man” to operate these? Something like an Alexa, Smart Things Hub, IFTTT, etc. is this true?

I’ve successfully connected all my Osram devices, but would like to access ring alarm functions and get notifications of doors opened/closed, access wyze cams and receive notification when motion is detected, and operate the garage door, all from a single dashboard powered by Hubitat.

Thanks for any assistance/direction you can provide to a newbie!

Welcome to HE and to the forum. The community is one of the most active I've seen and you'll get great (though sometimes conflicting!) advice and counsel here.

As for your integration questions, you're in luck! While there may not be native integration for some of those devices, you should definitely do a search for community-supported apps and drivers. I know there are some for Ring and MyQ. I assume both use Ring and MyQ cloud services, so it may not be 100% local, but no middle man (other than their cloud services). I think the Ring interface also integrates with HSM, which is even more convenient. I did a quick search for Wyze cameras and didn't find anything but honestly it was a 10 second effort. There is also pretty solid IFTTT if you need it but I prefer to go direct and eliminate another point of failure where possible. I have used it with my Arlo cameras and it's probably the one thing I have never complained about with the Arlos.

PS: I think most ring devices are ZWave and there are probably drivers if you want to repurpose them. I have two Ring wireless keypads that I use with HSM to control my stand-alone Honeywell Vista 20 alarm panel. All local, no cloud. But you should be able to use the community integration to leave your ring system completely intact if that's the route you choose.

I also suggest taking a look at two articles. I read them well after I'd built out my networks, which was a mistake on my part! I could have avoided lots of pain by RTFM.

Here are some links to help you get started:

The unofficial Ring Integration:

I have been using this since it came out and find that it is an excellent and very solid way to link Ring (Doors, Cameras, Alarm, etc.) with Hubitat. Feel free to ask question in that topic if you get stuck.

MyQ Integration:

This integration is currently broken because of a change that MyQ did in their API. However, it should work again in the next Hubitat Platform version (2.2.9) which is due to be released in the coming weeks.

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Welcome to the community!

This combination sometimes doesn't give the most stable results...
If your lights and plugs start acting strangely you'll want to check your ZigBee table for signal quality.

And have a look at some of these threads: Neighbor Table Entry

But I'm sure you'll be fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies so far.

I've ben able to get my ring alarm & sensors to work through the Hubitat. While the ring base station doesn't announce the alarm status like it does if I select a mode from the ring app or keypad, it does alarm if a door sensor is "opened" while in away mode. So, with light buttons setup, outside lights set to come on at sunset and off at sunrise, and ring alarm working after only a day of owning the Hubitat, I'm doing ok I rekon haha.

Still would like to know if there's a way to view live cameras (wyze and/or ring doorbell) on a dashboard (either Hubitat or third party (like SharpTools)).

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