Newbie Schlage 468 (Zigbee)

Good day all,

Newbie here looking to take advantage of HE of some new builds I am doing. Brand new to Hubitat but quick learner :slight_smile:
As of now all (due to the construction process) I have is some entry locks, Zigbee variety. I will be adding other components as we progress, lights, switches outlets, weather, etc.

I'm sure my question is rather dumb, but so far I have paired the device which was successful and also installed the Code Manager, but not seeming to have success operating the lock. I wasn't going to delete the pre-defined user codes that came with the lock, but just add new ones.

Specifically what steps do I need to perform. I read that I cannot use the "Get Codes" Command as Shlage will not export.

Do I need to install a driver for these or is support built in? (I thought built-in).

Sorry this is probably so basic, but I fiddled for a few hours and didn't really get anywhere.

Thanks to all,


What do you mean by this? Do lock and unlock not work or are you not able to use codes created by LCM?

I have a Zigbee and Zwave Schlage lock and both work great with HE and LCM but mesh is super important as you will see tons of posts on this topic especially the Zwave variety.

For LCM to work you do need to remove all codes and then have LCM set them up.

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Thank you...
So far I have no functionality in HE interface.

Can I delete the pre-programmed codes directly from LCM? Seeing as how they are not reported there?

In the lock properties (not LCM) there are 3 fields for a lock code, (location, code and user). I believe its location, I'm not looking at it now. Do I need to add the original codes in here and then delete out in LCM?

Your lock will have a device page like this in Hubitat.

Go to that page and press the "Configure" button.

Now try unlock. Does the lock unlock and is the status updated on the device page?

If that doesn't happen, then you likely need more line-powered zigbee devices to create a zigbee mesh as indicated by @ritchierich.

Forgot to mention I am using the "Generic Zigbee Lock" built-in driver.

Its best to do that on the lock itself. There is an option to remove all user codes including the ones that came with the lock.

My suggestion is:

  1. Delete the device from your HE hub - since it is zigbee all you need to do is click remove device
  2. Reset the lock (follow Schlage's instructions) and once done, choose option to remove all user codes
  3. Pair the lock to your HE hub again.
  4. Confirm that the lock and unlock buttons work before proceeding further
  5. Assuming successful control via lock and unlock setup LCM

If you still cannot control via lock/unlock something is up mesh wise and you will need a mains powered repeater.

In that screen what variable is "code position"?

A number from 1 to 30, corresponding to each code slot on the lock.

When you say using the "Generic Zigbee Lock" built in driver. Functionally, that means just selecting that as the device type, correct?

There is no"install" required for the driver association, correct?

Again, thank you for your patience with my learning.

Yes. That's correct. But push the Configure button each time you change drivers.

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Its been since summer when I purchased and paired it but I am pretty sure that driver was chosen automatically when I paired it. If not then change it to that "stock" driver and as @aaiyar mentions make sure you click configure AFTER saving the driver change.

Thanks for all the help so far guys.

Last night I was able to get all set up. I tried the Schlage 468/469 lock driver to no avail. I then opted for the "generic door lock" option which worked.

I was able to add user codes and lock / unlock through hubitat and then alexa. Regarding Alexa i had to use the "Hubital skill" rather than the other option (which seemed more "built in than a skill".

Is that the correct way? It worked so I guess so.

Any help / recommendations with the Dashboard. I allowed Hubitat to auto fill one for me and it added the door lock / unlock and a modes button. I attempted to add two others to test out "Door Control" and "Door Status" . Neither seem to do anything / update?

Thanks for all the help!