Newbie questions

  • I see SSH access is available, but port is filtered. How do I enable it?
  • Is there a description for the diag api on port TCP/8081?
  • What does the hidden button on the C7 do (next to the RJ-45 connector, behind the bottom grille)

Self destruct.



You cannot.


Very funny. Based on the AMlogic SoC, I would be recovery/bootloader button.

I certainly can. But I suspect there is a much quicker option than dumping eMMC.

That is a description of the web page, not API.

There is no published diagnostic API.

First impressions after opening the device (C7):


  • Great form factor
  • Quality key components (Samsung RAM and eMMC)
  • Questionable antennas and horrendous manual soldering work
  • Cost savings measures are clearly visible (missing EMI shield while place for it exists, etc)
  • Realtek 8201 NIC
  • EM358 zigbee
  • ZGM130S zwave module (JTAG available)
  • JTAG appears to be available for A113X (not labeled, to be tested)
  • UART might also be available


  • Amlogic A113X is used, plenty of documentation/SDK on the web.
  • Software quality TBD, first signs not good
    No authentication? No TLS on diag web? Login with a mac address? In 2020?
    *** @Hubitat developers, go read up some IoT security materials.

Testing time now, before we resort to reworking/dumping the eMMC chip.

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Ah, you mean before you resort to violating the TOS?

If you don't like the product, you can return it for a refund.


Sorry, I did not read your TOC. Legalese causes indigestion in me. Those fineprints would have been way more useful if they came printed on toilet paper.

I do like the product. Switching from a really crappy one. Was lured in by the word "Smart" in the name of that Thing and the fact that it was made by ***sung. Does not deserve half a sung in my opinion.

And because I like it, I want to invest time in making it work the way I want it to work. And for that I need root access. Don't understand why you are hiding it while access all user devices is wide open in the UI. This sends the message "we want to protect our firmware, but do not give a damn about users and their privacy".

My recommendation - open root access to the device and people will start developing for you at a whole new level. RainMachine has been doing it for years and it helped improve their products and built a solid fan base.


Well, that’s a support nightmare.


Do you have anything you're trying to do but can't? There's almost always a way to do something. If you want to tinker at that level (it's almost certain that particular request will not happen here) , perhaps an open-source project you can run on your own hardware, like Home Assistant, would be more appealing to you. While I have used both and happen to like Hubitat better, your preferences may be different. The reality of Hubitat is that it is a proprietary product. Like many things, it may not meet your desires 100%, but for those of us who've stuck around, it's close enough. :slight_smile:

Access to all devices is only "wide open" in the UI if you don't enable authentication, by the way. If you're trying to let others view or control specific devices, using Hubitat Dashboard (free and built in) or a similar solution would be the way to do that instead of using the admin UI.

Good luck with whatever path you choose!


Definitely sounds like maybe one of the open source home automation tools is more up your alley, something like home assistant.


Just curious, but who is we? :slightly_smiling_face:


I don't know if this is completely fair - the hubitat is built on local processing and indeed other than a time drift (solvable by a 3rd party driver) you can use it disconnected or have the ports it uses blocked from the internet for as long as necessary and it will continue to function so privacy seems like less of an issue than say the Amazon Echo.

If you want to question the proprietary nature of the software given it's opensource underpinnings well that seems like maybe a more relevant discussion. I prefer opensource myself but also recognize a business's (and individual's) right to copyright their stuff anyway they see fit. I am also committed to honoring that copyright if I decide to use and am granted use of such software.

As an aside some of us in this community run external systems like Node-RED which can interact with HE via a restful interface (Maker API) or custom HE apps/drivers in order to not only reduce overhead on the HE hub(s) but also to give us more control over our environment.


Isn't Apple doing the exact opposite?


I am not that familiar with Rain Machine, I have never heard of it. That being said, fanbase β‰  profitable or even a well run company.

You don't have to like it, but you do have to abide by these.


At least for OS X - Darwin was and still is open. The graphics framework (Quartz?) is not.

Edit - In hindsight, I assume you meant iOS and WatchOS and tvOS? In that case you're 100% correct.


Well, when Hubitat becomes the Apple of smart home, it will be able to do whatever it wants. With the attitude I see though, the yardstick should be Bubba's Pizza, not Apple.

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Let's use @stephen_nutt's Apple example here. Surely, Apple is not a well-run company, with zero base, still struggling to become profitable. And Apple definitely keeps their costs down by using stickers for antennas and by employing assembly line folks at Giec Digital with soldering qualifications of a pink fairy armadillo.