Newbie Question: How do I change the LED color on my Inovelli Switches?

C8 Hubitat, latest firmare. Just set it up and paired with my Inovelli Red Series 2-1 Dimmer. I can turn the light on/off via Hubitat, but nothing in the "Preferences" section seems to do anything. I tried turning my LED bar green, hit "Save Preferences", and nothing changed. Do I need to "refresh" something? Also, when I navigate away from this switch in Hubitat and come back, the preferences are not saved (despite me hitting "save"). What am I doing wrong?

For what it's worth, I can't find my particular switch in Hubitat (VZW31-SN). So I added it manually and selected the Inovelli Red Scene Dimmer.

The VZW31-SN is a newer device than the Inovelli Red Scene Dimmer driver was written for (that was the so-called "second generation" Red Series, the LZW31-SN; you have the third).

For full functionality, you'll need a custom driver. Inovelli recommends theirs, which you can get from their GitHub: If you use Hubitat Package Manager, you can also find it there.

(I have a custom driver for this that I'm also partial to but don't want to steer you a direction most people aren't using. :smiley: )

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That did the trick, thank you!

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