Newbie / Hubitat vs Indigo

I have been bumbling for over 15 years first utilizing X10 throughout my un-conventionally wired home ( most lighting power sourced from attic switches ) . X10 proved less than reliable , thus I transitioned to Z-Wave. I first fell into using a Indigo software system with a Macintosh interfaced controller and as I remember dropped it due to arising Mac software incompatibility at the time. I'm now using Eaton RFHDC / RFTDC controllers and almost exclusively Eaton Aspire dimmers and several RFWC5 five button controls.
I've had frustration with non-Eaton compatibilities and in particular switching LED lighting.
bottom line ... where to go from here ?
There has been appeal in having computer less autonomy using the Cooper Aspire system controllers . They are expensive and in a way I hate to give them up. Would they become useless with a different hub ? , There is appeal in gaining better control of whatever devices are attached and having again an on screen list.
purchase Hubitat or try Indigo again ?
any advice is very welcome
especially the LED switching , apparently dry contact switching is only resolve.

It’s good that you are doing research to help you with your decision. I can tell you that I have never looked back after transitioning to Hubitat. I have been able to truly automate most everything in my home and the family is pretty happy with the result.

That said, what works for me may not work for someone else.

In case you are not aware, Hubitat lists the devices that are known to be compatible. I would recommend you take a look to see what, of the devices you currently have, you will be able to re-use and what you won’t if you do decide to move to Hubitat. The page also includes a link to community supported devices.

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My KEY interest is gaining ability to set scenes on a Eaton five button scene controller.
else I'm stuck with utilizing Eaton hardware almost exclusively.
apparently no one on the Indigo forum has discovered a solution .


I cannot help you with Indigo at all, sorry.

Hubitat does support several Cooper/Eaton z-wave devices, but I do not see the RFWC5 device listed. Hubitat does support some other button controllers, so it might be possible for one of their drivers to work or you might be able to replace your RFWC5 with one of the supported devices. There are some 4-button controllers that are supported, but I you are using all five buttons, I am not sure if there are any suitable devices. Can you get by with only four buttons?

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There’s a community driver from @jwetzel1492 for that device.