Newbie help with Iris MT800 Motion sensor

Hi - Newbie really excited to setup my Hubitat!. just received my Hubitat hub and am trying to pair some Iris ZigBee devices. The devices are detected - Iris 1st generation motion sensor MT800 , however are stuck at initialization. Have followed the Iris initialization procedure with no luck. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.


Do you have a picture of this sensor? Some of the Iris 1st gen stuff used a propertiery protocol.

Hi images attached. I've tried 3 of the same motion detectors one at a time. Also a contact switch and first alert combo CO-Fire detector. Same result. stuck at initialization. Iris motion sensor shows mt901 on the package. Tried a ZigBee reset as well.

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That contact sensor is actually model number DWS800 and is a 1st gen Iris Contact sensor. The PIR sensor you have is also a 1st gen Iris sensor. These only work with the Iris hub as they do not use standard ZHA protocol. So, you won't be able to get them to work with HE. Only the Gen 2 devices work with HE.

^ What Ryan780 said...

I have one of the motion sensors on my shelf in the Home automation boneyard for this very reason. Lol

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I think they prefer "Electronics Retirement Community". :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hehe

To the OP, if you just purchased recently and the model number wasn't accurate or the listing didn't specifically call out compatibility with Iris only, you might be able to get your money back. I know Amazon is usually great about that kind of thing. Hopefully you didn't pay too much for them. I'm still surprised how many of these things there are out there in the wild and how many people try to sell them to unsuspecting people.

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Yes - have 4 of them, plus 2 contact sensors , and some others - all 1st gen Iris.
Ouch !

Thanks all for your support.

It's quite interesting that these even still try to pair. I have no idea how close the proprietary protocol is to ZigBee HA 1.2, which Hubitat uses (the "new" Iris sensors that do support it used to list this on the side of the box, so it was easy to tell; the even-newer ones don't seem to anymore).

Someone seems to have reverse-engineered the communication the first-gen switch/plug uses here: Desert Home: Arduino and the Iris Zigbee switch (XBee, Arduino, and/or Raspberry Pi or similar apparently required). That's not quite what you want but describes the general technique. There's another post that assumes this prior knowledge and describes the door sensor: Desert Home: Hacking Into The Iris Door Sensor. Something similar might be applicable to the motion sensors if you have enough time and dedication, though just getting compatible ZHA sensors instead is certainly an easier alternative. :slight_smile:

There is word that these and the V1 outlets will work in the 2.0.8 release.

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