Newbie- Help with GoControl Window-Door Sensor

I am new to Hubitat. I am using the GoControl Window/Door sensor (aka WadWaz-1) for learning.
This device as the internal sensor triggered by the proximity magnet, and input for an external dry contact. As I understand the advantage of this device is that the status of those two sensors can be read independently of each other.

How do I create a 2nd device that will reflect the status of the external sensor?

On the device page, in the "Current States" section, the states of both the internal contacts and external contacts are correctly displayed and react correctly to changes in states of the two contacts.

On the device page there is a toggle that reads
"Create Device for External Sensor? "
Turning this on has no affect.

I am using the external driver by Keving LaFramboise "GoControl Contact Sensor v1.10.2"

On the device page, there is a square button just below the "Command" heading, labeled "Configure". Clicking this button does nothing that I can see.

What am i doing wrong?


Are you using these drivers?

Yes, I am using this one-

  • GoControl Contact Sensor v1.10.2

  • (WADWAZ-1)

  • Author:

  • Kevin LaFramboise (krlaframboise)


Try the second one.

Thank you for helping.

OK, i tried it. Same results- On device page both contacts show correct status.

I deleted the tile in the dash board, and re-created it using multifunction sensor template. The tile shows correctly the status of the internal sensor (contacts), but has no reaction when I close the external contacts. I tried a couple of other templates with no success in showing status of the external contacts.

How does the second device get created? I mean, do I have to do something to trigger the creation of the 2nd device (child device?)?

PS- Using the second driver, on the device page, the selection "Create Device for External Sensor?" is not present.

Still looking for help.
I have tried both of krlaframboise's custom drivers. The device status correctly shows the status of the internal contact and external contacts (as separate contacts). But I am unable to figure out how to access the two contact status in a rules.

krlaframboise's custom driver appears to create a child device. I see no evidence that this is taking place. What triggers the creation of the child device?

I also don't see anything in krlaframboise's code revision history that show that it was ported to Hubitat.