Newb question after wink conversion

I have transitioned from wink 1, then 2 to hubitat.
So far so good. Is there an easy way to have a door sensor turn certain lights on when open and off when closed? I cam from the dumb world of robots and am not sure what to do. I have to Zwave door sensors that i want to trigger specific lights og=ff or on depending on open or closed.
sorry for the newb Q. if there's a walkthrough already posted please link me.



Take a look at the "Simple Lighting" (or it may now be renamed as "Simple Automations" if your hub is running the latest platform version) built-in App. It should easily be able to handle this.

Here is an example of exactly this use-case.


If you want a simple, “lights on when door opens, lights off when door closes” automation then you can use the “simple automation” app.®_Simple_Lighting

The link above is from the hub documentation page for “hubitat simple lighting.” It’s the same app but the name was changed with the most recent hub firmware update. Depending on which version you’re running, you might have one or the other available to install on your hub (but not both).


Welcome. I think on the latest revision there is a new selection for getting started. Supposed to be documentation and tutorials. Hope this helps. (in setting menu)


Hi @bill.whitaker

@ogiewon, @marktheknife and @rich.princeau have you covered. So I just want to say - Welcome to Hubitat!

I came here from Wink as well. And am I glad I made the switch!

There are a couple documents that I recommend reading in particular:

  1. How to Build a Solid Z-Wave Mesh
  2. How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh

sorry, wrong location. From the main Hubitat menu, click on the upper left (green) Hubitat logo.


Thanks for the info - worked like a charm!

More studying OTW but really digging this.
Took a while for the 80 plus things in my house :slight_smile:


Definitely take a look through the documentation pages that @aaiyar mentioned as well as the pages on the apps that come built-in with the hub.

I never used wink but from what I know of it, it’s a bit more straightforward to use than hubitat. But it’s also a lot more limited in terms of device support and flexibility of automations.

As you’ve seen, the community is always happy to help with any questions that come up!