Newb Missing something here... Can't create a routine in Alexa to turn virtual switch

I have searched and searched tried different terms and am not finding anyone else getting the same error as me. This all seams to work just fine for everyone but me. So I have to be missing a step...

Here is what I am trying to do. Use a Ring doorbell motion event to trigger an HE rule to turn on porch lights for a given amount of time then turn off. Apparently people do this successfully all the time but not me...

Steps I have done so far:
Created a "virtual switch" in HE. I set the virtual switch to auto turn off after 1 second.
Installed the Alexa skill app in HE and checked my virtual switch as available.
Enebled Hubitat skill in Alexa and discovered the switch.
Create routine "when": Ring Motion "what": Turn virtual switch on.
Hit done when creating routine and get an error "routine creation failed"

I tried the above steps with a virtual motion sensor and through the HE Alexa App (not the skill) with the same end result.

Where did I mess up?

You didn't mess up. I just tried to create a simple Alexa Routine in the Alexa Mobile Phone App, and I also received the "There was a problem creating this routine" error message. I think something is broken on the Amazon side...

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That makes me feel better I am new to this but but still pretty savvy and a rather seasoned bulletin board user so I typically find my answers on my own.

I am also rather aggravated... Accomplishing this goal was the primary reason I sold my Wink and bought a HE. If I knew this wouldn't work I would have waited a bit to upgrade to HE.

I understand your frustration... I do not believe this issue is a Hubitat specific problem. I was able to create an Alexa Routine that was triggered off of Sunrise, and had a simple Action of WAIT 30min. That one was saved successfully. I then tried to create another Alexa Rotuine where the trigger is my Ring Doorbell (Motion) and the Action was again WAIT 30min. This one failed to save successfully. Neither of these involve Hubitat whatsoever.

I am guessing Amazon is having an issue with all "Smart Home" devices being used as Alexa Routine triggers. But I have not performed exhaustive testing.

When it works, it works amazingly well. I have my Ring Doorbell connected to Hubitat using the exact same method you mentioned above. It is almost instantaneous. Much faster than trying them same via IFTTT.

Hopefully Amazon gets this sorted out sooner rather than later.

And now we wait. And try not to buy a stand alone motion sensor instead... I want to delete the current motion sensor/fixture and drive the lights off my Caseta switch or maybe a dimmer. My new lights are incredibly bright and being able to program a brightness level when triggered would make me happy.

I posted this in another thread: There is a bug in the latest Alexa app update that broke the rule of using sensors and motion detectors.

Per the Amazon device forum, they acknowledged the problem and are working on a fix.

Here is the thread from the Amazon forum describing this Amazon Alexa Routines issue.

New Alexa app available in the iOS App Store this evening which resolves the add a new Routine issue.

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No update available yet in Google play store.

Alexa updated last night on Android. I am able to create the routine now.

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