New ZigBee multi sensor? Anybody have this?

Has anybody seen this sensor before. I've never seen it on Amazon until today. Curious if anybody has it, or if I works with Hubitat.

Multi-Sensor 4 in 1,Zigbee Motion Sensor with Temperature Humidity lumiance Light ,Requires TUYA HUB,Zigbee Connection,USB Cable or Battery Operated

It is supported in this custom driver.

Thanks for the info. I have looked and looked for a ZigBee multi sensor like this. These are available on Amazon for US customers. Who knows how long that will last night though.

If I am not wrong @rlithgow1 got one of these?

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Yes, it's been working well..


Ordered one, thanks guys

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I have one of these and it works pretty well, I also bought the recessed ceiling mount option (I haven't installed it yet). Did get it from A-E since it was available anywhere here.

Now waiting for a mmWave sensor, this will be for sure the future of room presence sensors.

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Wow this thing has terrible range for motion. Only can see about 5 or 6 feet. It's not going to work where I want it but with that extremely limited range maybe I can think of another use for it.

There should be a sensitivity setting in the driver, is it set to high?

If you remove the batteries for a second and reinsert them again, the device should report to the hub the actual sensitivity value in tye HE logs.