NEW Zigbee Blue Series Smart 2-1 Switch Inovelli


I have 20+ of the red series dimmers (Z-Wave version of this). You can program the config button too. I set that button on each of mine to the lowest light level that still turns on the lights. We use that all the time in the morning and late at night. They also support multiple multi taps so you can do all kinds of things with them with Hubitat. For example I have a hutch with 2 lights (an upper and lower). With Hubitat I made the "up" button a toggle for the top light (1 push in Hubitat speak) and the "down" button a toggle for the lower light (1 held in Hubitat speak) but a double tap of either will act to toggle them both on or off.

Like many, my kitchen is by my dining room and we often want both lights on or off - in comes the handy double tap here too.

I've even used triple taps in a few places. I once did a 4 tap, but I had to remember what it did, but that and more is possible.

I also have an Inovelli RGBW bulb (which they stopped making) and you can do things with that like make a double tap turn it on to a low level red, etc.


That is some cool stuff. Hopefully the Zigbee version has the same features.

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Yes, it does.

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Being able to decouple the light switch and light (aka "smart bulb" mode) is a very cool feature.. you can create a set of light switches in a "Virtual N-Way" arrangement unrelated to the physical wiring. I do this for my upstairs hall lighting control.


That is fantastic. The reliability of Zigbee with the futures of the hottest Z-wave switch. I do not think you can ask for more :nerd_face:

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I am going to use those for security; I will think of new things in the future.

These Inovelli red switches already do everything that the blue does, but are z-wave?
Are the Inovelli considered high end switches? Compared to Caseta pro?

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Caseta switches are very reliable and also support HomeKit. Caseta are definitely considered higher end.

Actually, Blue can do a bit more (e.g., individual LED control on the bar) but they are indeed pretty similar aside from protocol--and a new/different manufacturer. I find they work better with every bulb I've tried the with and don't have the noticeable "stepping" the Reds exhibit with some, and they work better on low watt no-neutral-at-switch loads that the Red struggled with in my experience (with a bypass in both cases), though this will vary depending on your bulbs and whatnot. I just am quite impressed so far.

"Premium" is, I suppose, in the eye of the beholder. I couldn't go to Lutron after using these (I like the multi-taps and LED bar control too much), but everyone's needs are different, and Lutron has earned a rock solid reputation--and a price to match. Inovelli's product line used to be segmented into a "budget" Black Series and a "more featured" Red Series, but the Red is all that remains after some SKU streamlining a while back--plus the new Zigbee (Blue) and add-on (White) offerings. I suppose their flagship products, Red and hopefully soon Blue, could be considered premium in some sense. :slight_smile:


I agree with you fully. Lutron is great for third party installations because of that reliability but they do not look as good.

Ah thanks for mentioning the "White" addon companion switches.. completely forgot to include those as part of my order. Don't need 10 though.

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