[NEW] Z-Wave Color Guide

Z-Wave Color Guide

Command Class Specifications

Command Class 0x33

Switch Color Supported Get

Command: 0x01
Description: Used to request the supported color components that the device supports
Expected Response: The device should respond with a Switch Color Supported Report
Example Hubitat Code: zwave.switchColorV1.switchColorSupportedGet()

Switch Color Supported Report

Command: 0x02
Description: Sent by a device in response to a Switch Color Supported Get command
Example Hubitat Code: def zwaveEvent(hubitat.zwave.commands.switchcolorv1.SwitchColorSupportedReport cmd) { } called from a driver's parse method.

Switch Color Get

Command: 0x03
Description: Used to request color levels for a color component
Expected Response: Switch Color Report command
Example Hubitat Code: zwave.switchColorV1.switchColorGet(colorComponentId: #)

Switch Color Report

Command: 0x04
Description: Sent by a device in response to a Switch Color Get command. Specifies the level of a requested color component
Example Hubitat Code: def zwaveEvent(hubitat.zwave.commands.switchcolorv1.SwitchColorReport cmd) { } Called from a driver's parse method.

Switch Color Set

Command: 0x05
Description: Used to set levels for color components
Example Hubitat Code: zwave.switchColorV2.switchColorSet(red:###,green:###,blue:###, dimmingDuration:##)


Z-Wave Color IDs

Component ID Label Value Range
0 Warm White 0x00-0xFF
1 Cold White 0x00-0xFF
2 Red 0x00-0xFF
3 Green 0x00-0xFF
4 Blue 0x00-0xFF
5 Amber 0x00-0xFF
6 Cyan 0x00-0xFF
7 Purple 0x00-0xFF

Advanced Research

Reference SDS13781-Z-Wave-Application-Command-Class-Specification (PDF) Section 4.27 (Color Switch Command Class)


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