New Yale Pushbutton Z-Wave Plus deadbolt lock (YRD136)

I finally got my hands on Yale's upgraded push button Z-Wave Plus deadbolt model YRD136 (replaces the YRD110). The previous version uses the "Generic Z-Wave Lock" driver even though it currently isn't listed on the List of Compatible Devices page.

Has anyone been able to sync the device? I haven't been able to sync. I currently have the C7 Hub.

EDIT #2: Figured it out, posting here for anyone else. The inclusion/exclusion instructions provided in the documentation can be confusing depending on your device state.

Inclusion Configuration:

  1. If you press and hold config button and it beeps 5x, then you need to complete a "Z-Wave Exclusion" first. Otherwise, move to step 2.
  2. Holding down the config button it should only beep 2x, wait an additional 2 Mississippi before release.
  3. Start "Z-Wave Inclusion" on Hubitat.

Inclusion/Exclusion: If at any point after letting the config button go and it throws a rapid warning chime, something went wrong repeat step.


What's the difference between the YRD136 and the YRD156? I couldn't easily discover the answer on Yale's website.

Glad you figured it out. I'm so happy with my Yale lock that I'm transitioning all of them to theirs. Glad you figured it out.

Exclusion is: Hold for 2 beeps, release.

Make sure you initially paired it pretty close to the hub. Mine didn't report lock/unlock automatically at first, and I ended up re-pairing it.

The difference is the YRD156 is touchscreen and the YRD136 has physical push-buttons, both are Z-Wave Plus. It comes down to preference but the push-button versions are absolutely wonderful.


I like the look of the touchscreen - definitely "cleaner" (I have a YRD256) but in terms of operation my family actually prefers the push buttons on our Kwikset 912. The issue I have with the Kwikset is it only has 5 buttons so the code needs to be longer. Interestingly that shortcoming is part of the appeal for non-techie users it seems. Less imposing maybe?

Note: Both locks are Zigbee..


Definitely prefer the buttons here too. Touchscreens are 50/50 in cold weather for me, and it’s cold more often than not here …