New Wyze Door contacts and Motion Sensors

I use my for windows around my house so, I will know when they are open or closed and on my freezer door. I use one to turn on a bedroom light when I come in and it does a decent job maybe 3 to 4 seconds. Get back to the point I use virtual Switches mostly for Amazon Alexa to turn off lights, tv etc when we go to bed as my wife is very much prone to forget and we just hit the switch and everything that we have tied to the switch is off. That one use for the virtual switch. Thanks

I have seen an IFTTT delay take minutes to run an applet after a trigger event.

Mine hasn't been that long as of yet and I been using for a few months now.

My observation on this is that it is service dependent. I've seen Maker/Webhooks take an extraordinary amount of time (maybe up to 10-15 minutes), while other services I've used are fairly reliably within seconds (less call it 2-8 seconds).

It goes without saying that nothing via IFTTT is going to be as reliable or quick as local execution on Hubitat. Probably not even as reliable or quick as SmartThings (though I wouldn't want to argue that one).

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Agree... anything we can do to help would be awesome.
If you arent aware, you can get 2 open close sensors + motion sensor for 20$. 4 bulbs for 20$ (warm to white). Their prices are awesome and their products work great.
They just need more automation :slight_smile:thanks


I'm confused on why you think they would open up their system like that? They are trying to sell their solution which is designed to be all-in-one it looks like now. Opening up their system to the competition would be really bad for their business model.


Because nobody has been able to provide the full smart home ecosystem and they know it. Wyze is considering SmartThings support so the request is not out of line. Also, why not ask a young company who’s looking to differentiate itself for these things. Will they do, who knows but I’m just glad they are listening.

The request is far from being out of line. It is very important as Wyze customers to give them feedback on potential future directions. Just about every venture would love to dominate the industry and force customers into an isolated ecosystem. Many companies start that way and go for Plan B of being cooperative with third parties later.

I would not hesitate to nudge them into the open direction based simply on what it "looks like" they want to do at the moment.

I didn't say it was out of line, I just wouldn't hold your breath that there is any actual movement on it.

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These are interesting, but they're only slightly cheaper than Xiaomi Zigbee sensors and controllers, and those are roughly the same size. You need a bridge for the Wyze devices, while you need compatible repeaters for the Xiaomi devices, such as the IKEA Trådfri.

However, the bridge for the Wyze does one thing and only for Wyze devices. Whereas if you add Trådfri outlets, you have a controllable Zigbee outlet, and a repeater for All your Zigbee devices, including the Xiaomi. You mesh gets stronger and all devices become more stable and responsive.

The Xiaomi offering is not only compatible with the drivers that @veeceeoh has so kindly spent a lot of time perfecting at no cost to us or ST users, but there is also much larger in variety of tiny devices, and that list is going to grow even larger this Fall with the introduction of new Aqara Zigbee 3.0 devices.

I sure hope the 3.0 Xiaomi devices live up to your expectations. I briefly looked at what was available from Xiaomi when I first looked at adding ZigBee devices. I don't have anything against the company, but was dissuaded from using them because the devices were just a little non standard Zigbee and not on the compatibility list.
The other issue for me would be availability. Do they come from somewhere where I can send them back if they don't work?

They (Gearbest, Banggood, and some EBay sellers) claim yes, they are returnable. These devices direct ship from China, so you probably would have to pay the return shipping. I don't really know for sure what's involved because they all work, so I've never needed to send one back. I have just three IKEA Trådfri repeaters (Two outlets and one of their dedicated repeaters). No problems with the devices at all. I don't even bother with other contact, motion (for short range detection), temp/humidity, and tilt/vibration sensors anymore. I just keep ordering Xiaomi. I also have three of their buttons, but I also have a Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge Pro, so new button purchases in my house are a mix of Lutron Pico, and Xiaomi Mijia Buttons, depending on the use case.

They're not going to be on the compatible devices list because they don't follow the Zigbee spec completely, so @mike.maxwell won't spend the time to create official drivers. However, if the new Zigbee 3.0 devices do follow the spec (still unconfirmed), then he has already stated he would build drivers. He likes their industrial design just as much as the rest of us.

There's lots of devices that are completely stable that many of us use everyday, yet they are not on the official list of compatible devices. It doesn't mean they're not compatible devices, just that they are not supported by drivers that the Hubitat team wrote.

Most importantly, currently available Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee devices aren't compatible with the vast majority of ZigBee repeater devices (which are most mains-powered ZigBee devices besides some kinds of smart bulbs like Sengled's.)

So if you don't want to be restricted in your options of which ZigBee devices you can buy or don't want to invest in a second Hubitat Hub to isolate the Xiaomi / Aqara devices to their own ZigBee network, then they aren't such a good option at this time.

Bringing it back on topic, I will say that having bought one of the Wyze Sense starter packs and extra contact sensors, the only way they'd be useful to me for automations outside the realm of Wyze's new "ecosystem" is if they opened up an API with local endpoints. Anything else would just be too slow.

Also, I have observed both their motion sensors and contact sensors can be somewhat quirky and temperamental. The motion sensors have a very specific "field of view" that requires patience in finding the best placement, and the contact sensors have been inconsistent in correctly sending "closed" messages for me. Yes they seem tremendously inexpensive and are nice in that they're really small and unobtrusive, but my experience so far has been they are even some notches down from Xiaomi/Aqara devices in terms of cost & size vs performance & value.

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So if you take bulbs out of the equation, are there mains powered Zigbee devices that are problematic to use on the same mesh with Xiaomi devices?

Folks have recently reverse engineered the Wyze Sense bridge and Sensors. They have a created a Home Assistant Integration that is all local and does not require any Wyze cameras.

If they can do it, some motivated community member should be able to take their work and integrate it with Hubitat, via a main-in-the-middle RESTful server running on a RPi or similar.


Yes, almost all, actually, as covered in the Xiaomi devices - are they pairing / staying connected for you? thread.

The only mains-powered repeater-capable devices I personally trust to "play well" with Xiaomi / Aqara devices are @iharyadi's Homemade Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, and Light Sensor, the TRÅDFRI Wireless control outlet, or a Zigbee Series 2 / Series 3 module. This is despite a very limited number of reports of success with a handful of other repeater-capable devices. Either way, it is best to assume any device not mentioned on that thread will not allow Xiaomi / Aqara devices to remain connected to it.

Oh, great! I had read a while ago about a proof of concept in hacking into the Wyze Sense base to make use of it independently of a Wyze cam, but I didn't follow any subsequent news on that.

Still, I question the usefulness given my experiences with the sensors as I've described.

I will have to read up more to see if others have had the same kind of lackluster experience I've had with their contact / motion sensors.

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I am considering jumping off Wink to Hubitat and want to know what integration is possible with Wyze products with Hubitat. Admittedly a bit of a newbie with some of this stuff.
Hoping to stay off others servers as much as possible. Does Hubitat have a way to see, use, integrate the Wyze sensors and cameras?

There is no officially supported integration or support for Wyze sensors, as they use a proprietary protocol.

However, there is a Community Integration available. It does require the addition of a standalone computer, like a Raspberry Pi, I believe.

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I use the WyzeSense integration and am a big fan. I have a mixture of 15 Wyze motion and contact sensors. I'm believe it will run off of a Pi Zero if you get an adapter to accept the Wyze Bridge.

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