New wifi speaker

I just bought an Edifier wifi speaker, model MS50A. It has true wifi and bluetooth. I have searched, and I guess I am asking the wrong question. I want to use this to announce events from the hubitat, but I cannot figure out how to add it as a device.

Thank you for any guidance.

@user1238 I don't think that's supported by HE. The primary TTS speakers are Sonos (Native) Google (native) Echo (community Integration) and some zigbee alarm speakers. Even searching the forums for Edifier brought up noting.

Same issue I was having, but in one of the threads I swore that someone said they used this same speaker, that is why I bought it. Is there no generic wifi sound device driver ?

No.... There would have to be specific integration for that speakers cloud access.

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I don't use Amazon/Echo but it looks the MS50A uses something that connects to Amazon.

The music playing can be controlled in the following ways:

  • (1) Touch panel on this speaker;
  • (2) Edifier Home App;
  • (3) Interactive voice devices: For Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandoura, Tuneln, iHeartRadio and other music services linked to Alexa, after relevant accounts are linked, you can play through Alexa and control this speaker by using other interactive voice devices like Echo.

Since it's not a native amazon product, it won't show up properly. I went through this with a couple of other speakers before I just started buying Gen 4 Echo's (which are pretty cheap)


What does that mean?

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It is connected to my wifi network with an ip address. Just to be clear I just want to use it to do alerts, I don't want to talk to it to make it do tasks (like alexa).

I don't think it can be done with that speaker. You can get an Echo 4th gen for $99 and a battery base for 29.00 for portability. That would be cheaper than the $199 your device lists for and would work for you.

you can also fetch an Ikea Sonos Symfonisk for a buck twenty


These are now sprinkled around our house and working quite well.

Our old house already had an infrastructure of wired speakers, so I tried a DIY solution with Arylic Wi-Fi audio boards and VoiceRSS to manage TTS. It was a fun project, but integration was never as clean as what we have with HE and the Ikea/Sonos solution.


They also have the picture speakers...


I also endorse these. They are a few bucks more, but you can add your own photos (big WAF):