New Weather Driver?

With the driver being deprecated, what is the recommended solution now? I do not have a person weather station.

You can use the built-in OpenWeatherMap driver to create a virtual device and then fill in the device settings with your personal free OpenWeatherMap key.

Is it expected the DarkSky driver will stop working at sometime in the near future?


Our API service for existing customers is not changing today, but we will no longer accept new signups. The API will continue to function through the end of 2021.

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Thanks, good to know.

I just tried openweather, it shows that it pulling illuminance, but it doesn't populate in my rule. Is illuminance a variable that should be working?

I do not see illuminance being populated as an attribute of the built-in OpenWeatherMap driver.

I also do not see illuminance/lux being reported back from OpenWeatherMap

openweathermapResponse: [coord:[lon:-99.99, lat:99.99], weather:[[id:800, main:Clear, description:clear sky, icon:01d]], base:stations, main:[temp:66.74, feels_like:67.32, temp_min:62.6, temp_max:69.01, pressure:1024, humidity:88], visibility:10000, wind:[speed:6.93, deg:20], clouds:[all:1], dt:1603115879, sys:[type:1, id:4521, country:US, sunrise:1603106411, sunset:1603146730], timezone:-14400, id:0, name:SomeTown, cod:200]

Works for me..

Are you using a custom driver, by chance? If so, maybe a link to it?

Or maybe the data reported back is somehow region/location specific? Just a guess...

Perhaps you're using this driver, which makes an educated guess/calculation of illuminance...???

Personally, I use @iharyadi's awesome Environment sensor for most of my weather data. It is zigbee and provides temperature, humidity, pressure, and illuminance. I have one plugged in on my screen-porch. It works great!


Using OpenWeatherMap-NWS Alerts Weather Driver. It is not a built in driver

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If using the openweathermap, you may have to enable illumanice to report in the device settings.

It does work, and I believe it is estimated based time of day, cloud cover, etc.

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FYI - I believe illuminance is only available in the community OWM driver, not the Hubitat built-in driver.