New Virtual Presence Device With Switch, Switch can be set but not read by rules

I like the concept of the new virtual presents with switch driver. I have some legacy code brought over from ST that uses the presents devices and other things I prefer to use a switch. So right now I have a presents and switch for the three different entities I keep track of presents for and a rule the sync's between the presents and switch devices for each.
So the new device I would eliminate one device and the rule per entity. However as I was moving things I noticed that when I use them in a rule I see something like 'If userHome (null) = on' so the rule never triggers or gets set to true.

From what I would see in the device page, the new device has the switch capiblity but not the attribute. Could someone take a look :slight_smile: Thanks

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Tagging @gopher.ny. I am seeing the same thing, where the “switch” attribute is not being populated in the new “Virtual Presence with Switch” driver.

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It has the attribute but it’s not being populated


I’ve had to revert to using a plain virtual presence and the Maker API to send “arrived/departed” to those as using the combination didn’t work as expected - toggling the switch would change the presence but the switch would revert to “off” regardless of the presence status.

I’ve been using @ogiewon ’s virtual presence with switch driver with Homebridge for a couple years now and haven’t had any issues like this. If you’re already using Homebridge anyway, this should work for you.
I’m sorry for not getting around to testing the new native virtual presence switch since I’m the one who requested it. I assumed it would work identically and be able to be shared with the Homekit beta. I’ve just been too busy to change all of my family’s presence rules in the Home app.

Here's my driver for this:


Yep, exactly :smiley: Thank you!, just released, fixes Virtual Presence with Switch” driver.


Fixed for me. :smiley:


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