New Version Download Failed

Cannot seems to update the hub to the new platform update this morning.. it gets to 2% and then fails. Is there something going on with the ability to download or is it my hub?

New Version Available:

Download Failed

Maybe try a reboot and try again.
I would take a backup first though. Just in case. :wink:


I've done that -- that is the first thing I do with any issue. Still -- will not go beyond 2%.

I’ve been doing a lot of testing with the newer versions on my primary hub and test hub lately (long time platform update hold out here) and have not had a problem.

I’d recommend a database backup, then soft reset. If you can then upgrade, restore your previous database.


Going to try to restore to the prev version after trying all other options. I can only work on this once every other day or so... I have also tried to so start up in safe mode and get an error 401. That is odd.

I am out of options -- I have even reset the Hub to no avail. I have not added a device in 3 months or any new rules. The Hub has been updating fine each time until this last update so I do not understand the issue at all - really disappointing. It does get to 50% now but that takes 20 minutes and then says Download Failed.

tagging @bobbyD as he can hopefully provide some guidance.


Thanks -- I do not know who that is but I have been reaching out to support also and have not heard back, yet.

Curiosity.. I have seen this a few times in the forums... But what is your internet source from your provider?.. DSL/Cable/Fiber/Wireless/LTE?

The reason I ask.. I could be a MTU issue


I have Cable from spectrum ultimate

Ill do some network tests and see what I get.

That was the issue -- thanks for leading me to that end. I was able to change the MTU settings and do a refresh on my router and that resolved the issue.


What did you change the MTU value from/to? I've got the same issue, cannot successfully download the latest update. Thanks

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