New user PIN and alerts

I admit, I am having horrible time with my Hubitat hubs. All I want is for a text and alarm to sound on my cell and my wife's cell when doors are opened or tempurature is below range. Zigbee multisensors installed fine. In house Safety Monitor app easy.

But Dashboard is impossible. It asks for PIN and I don't have a PIN. Documentation shoes how to remove PIN on existing dashboard, but I have no dashboards.

Also, alarm only shows when I open Safety monito app. I see no way to send alarm to cell phones by text.

Then there is all the gethub stuff which I am clueless of

I am not looking for a big learning curve, just alarms when sensors at set off by temperature or open/closed. I don't need a welcome home message, just an alert.

I don't even need dashboard. I have three locations and have 3 hubs that need to alarm me.

Is there an easy set up for this or do I just have the wrong product?

What i do for this is use a notification app on the cell phone. My understanding is the hubitat mobile app or pushover (paid) can be used

With that installed and working you can send messages to the phone. Note some mobile carriers allow you to send text via email.

Once you have how you want to send messages to the phones you can create automations to check things and create messages.

For this your options are webcore, rule machine, simple motion, etc. if you use an email to send sms you are likely to want webcore, otherwise for the other methods any of my list can work depending on the automation goal and which tool you are comfortable with


It's certainly quite simple to set up using Rule Machine, to send yourself a notification using the HE mobile app as mentioned above. You certainly don't need WebCoRE or anything fancy to achieve what you need. I'm not aware of any way to sound an alarm on your phone, but certainly you can send a message and depending on your phone select the notification sound. I do something very similar if my fridge temp goes over a certain temperature and also if doors are opened at night while we are in bed.

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Correct. However, I think @nh.schottfam was trying to point out that because it supports email, Webcore would permit @jasykas to receive SMS notifications. Most (all ?) cell carriers in the US have email2sms gateways.

Yeah understood. I still say no need for SMSโ€‹ (โ€‹and the complexity of achieving that via email) when the free HE app allows text notifications which work well.

With Pushover, I have been able to set up "priority" messages.

Such as the other morning, when I had a small leak at 5:30am, my phone "alarmed" with a loud, annoying sound. Other messages are just notifications.

Works quite well.

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I just checked the Hubitat app on the phone and computer. There's no option to change the notification type. That would be nice.
Edit: I'll have to look at Pushover.

Hubitat App only supports push notifications, if you want SMS or email youโ€™ll need to use another app, i.e. Pushover or webCore, as mentioned above.

Pushover isn't SMS.โ€‹ It's a push notifications app, which is similar to the HE app notifications capability.

Yeah, there is (at least on Android, which is all I use)...

The iOS version

I too have Android, but I'll be darned if I can find that screen. Can you please tell me specifically how you got there? Thanks much.

Edit: Never mind. Found it.

To keep things simple, I recommend the inbuilt Notifier App and PushOver App ( tiny expense) as they work very well !

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