New user migrating from Wink to C7 - Help with exclusion/inclusion

Finally got my C7 and Lutron Bridge Pro and just about ready to start migrating everything over from Wink. Quick background: I started with Wink Hub 1 when they first released and have been building with their platform ever since. Now on Wink Hub 2 with a mix of Z Wave and Zigbee devices. I’m reading through the Hubitat migration and help docs, but can’t seem to wrap my head around exclusion and inclusion as I never had to do that with Wink (one of the positives I suppose, but negatives are far outweighing positives at this point).

I am listing what I believe to be the right steps in order below and wanting to confirm before I get waist deep in this with no control of devices and my wife upset that I decided to move in the first place. If anyone could confirm, update; clarify, etc., I would be truly grateful.

For Zigbee Devices

  1. Remove device from Wink app
  2. Factory reset device
  3. Add to Hubitat
  4. (Any next steps)?

For Z Wave Devices

  1. Exclude in Wink app (Is it best to do this on a per device basis or to select the hub and put it into Exclusion Mode?)
  2. Factory reset device?
  3. Use inclusion mode in Hubitat?
  4. Add to Hubitat?
  5. (Any next steps)?

I used to think I was smart with all my glorious Stringify flows (oh how I miss Stringify), maybe it’s the new baby, lack of sleep, sheer frustration with Wink’s incompetence (I’ve worked support, it’s not the frontline’s fault, it’s management and I get that) or something else, but just really having difficulty wrapping my head around the whole process and don’t want to screw anything up.

Thanks so much in advance from this complete n00b!

Welcome aboard.

Well you steps are correct for removing a bringing devices into Hubitat. Next steps after they are joined to the Hubitat...the sky is the limit! I would say you should document what your old automations did and then determine if the Simple Automation apps and other's on the Hubitat would suffice before leaping to say Rule Machine.

Here are the basic ones that I have found to work well:

  • Basic Rules
  • Button Controllers
  • Groups and Scenes
  • Mode Manager
  • Motion and Mode Lighting
  • Simple Automation Rules

On the main page there is this:


Seems like a good place to start :smile:

I would recommend for Z-wave devices to do an exclude on the HE hub even if you did it with your wink hub before trying to connect them.

A failed Z-wave connect is what used to cause the ghost devices and that is whole can of worms you probably don't want to deal with .

That doesn't seem to be as big an issue now as I don't see as many post about them as I use to, but still. IMO an exclude before trying to connect it makes sure it is at least in range of the hub and it sees it. If the device won't respond to a device exclude you probably can't connect it.

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A couple of other things that you may want to do (from a former Wink user):

  • If you have "fixed" devices (Zigbee or Z-Wave) like in-wall switches, locks etc. get a long ethernet cord so that you can position your HE near the devices. I had to do this for several door locks and some switches that I had no issues including with Wink. Migrating locks was specially painful (Kwikset) as I had to literally set the HE hub on top of the lock. I used a battery pack to power the HE hub and did not need a long power cord.

  • Building out your Zigbee and Z-wave can take time (How to Build Your Z-Wave Mesh - Tips - Hubitat). When I migrated, I did it over a few weeks leaving the locks to the end. Others have followed different approaches - Zigbee first, Z-Wave first, build outwards from the hub etc.

  • For Zigbee devices you may need additional repeaters (I had to add several that I did not need with Wink as I don't have any that are mains powered). Same for Z-Wave

  • As @ronv42 suggested, document your Wink set up and automations so that it is easier to duplicate that logic in HE. I just used a spreadsheet and grouped the automations into time based and event based

  • Download manuals for the devices for include/exclude directions. I had several different makes of bulbs and each followed different steps (I replaced all my Cree bulbs with Sengled - apparently Cree bulbs play havoc with your Zigbee mesh). HE also has a list of join/reset instructions (Join and Reset Instructions - Hubitat Documentation) for most of the common devices.

Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out if you have specific questions.

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