New user here. I have a few questions

I have just about all of the devices implemented so far. All are controllable except for a few. I have 3 questions for anyone who might know.

  1. Will there be any app available in the future for controlling Tuya based bulbs or devices?
  2. Will there be any future plans for adding Rooms to the Dashboard to separate the devices?
  3. Is there any chance that a template will be made for the Dome Siren or any siren?

Thanks for any help.

You create your own dashboard pages now, make them rooms or whatever you want.

Thanks, I will give that a try.

Also, there’s this:

And I can’t say whether it works with the dome siren, but there is a z-wave siren driver.

I am not of the coding kind. Will this be available some how for someone like me that does not do this? An easier explanation of how to put this in Hubitat and will there be any future for controlling the bulbs?

Where do we find a driver for this siren?


You can ask the devs in the thread I linked to. For most things like this, you’re not really coding anything yourself. I don’t know how to code anything either, but I can usually follow instructions. Some projects have more detailed write ups than others though.

Since Hubitat supports zigbee and z-wave switches, bulbs and plug-in modules, I’m not sure how likely it is there will be built-in support for all the different WiFi switches.

Community efforts like this can always fill in the gap, but may require some degree of DIY skill.

As for your siren, have you tried to pair it to the hub yet? There is a listing of supported devices in this forum, I don’t know off hand if Dome shows up on it.

You find the driver for a device in its settings page. Many devices are assigned the correct driver when they pair, but some can still work if you change the driver manually. That’s just selecting the driver in a drop down menu.

There’s some example code they’ve published on the website I think but not full drivers.

I have the siren already in and I forgot to mention that it is the template for the dashboard that I can't find a match for. There is no entry in the drop down for siren. I will take another look at the link. Thanks

Just use the switch template.

I tried the switch but it only turned it on not off. I am sure that is a selection somewhere. Anyway this siren has 10 tones to choose from and a switch would not permit any selection of tones.

Ah you mean dashboard template. That’s not really how the dashboard is meant to be used.

Are you trying to change the siren tone for all kinds of alerts? Or different tones for different things?

That's true. I don't know why you would want to enunciate different tones from the dashboard, but one way to do that right now would be making a bunch of virtual switches that then trigger the appropriate sound on the device.

I have the same siren (two of them) just FYI.

True about the tone choice on the dashboard I didn't think about that one. Chalk it up to being new with this. I also now noticed that when I tried to bring the siren back into the dashboard it wasn't listed as a choice. What causes that?

EDIT: I found the cause, I needed to add it to the actual created dashboard itself. Thanks

No problem! I'll be home and in front of my system tomorrow if you have anything else you have questions on, feel free to ask!

The Dome siren allows you to pick which sounds you want to use as your announcement tone (or beep) in the edit device page. You cannot choose different sounds on the fly with the native driver. You can simply preview them via the edit device page. Once you have selected which tone you want for your "beep" and which you want for your "siren", then you can activate the beep through RM on the controlling music device page and the siren is just the on/off, if you want to do it manually.
Unfortunately you cannot change the selected beep or alarm tones from the least that I know of. The only place you can edit them is in the device's settings on the edit device page in HE. So, there is no need for a dashboard template since this functionality doesn't exit.

But I would like to ask...why do you need control of your siren through the dashboard? Isn't the whole point of a siren to go off when something has happened you don't expect to happen?

Maybe he wants to drive someone crazy at home :joy:

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If I just want to see "state" of the siren on the dashboard, which template should I use?

Attribute tile template will just display the text of any state.

It's a Spelling test though :smiley:

Best to copy the Attribute name from the Current States column of the Device Info page and paste that into the 3rd field of the Dashboard.

Bet some Staff member could make that field be a sorted list of the attributes of the selected device. :slight_smile: Take the spelling test out of the task. :smiley:

Maybe a drop down with all available states? Seems like a good feature coming up in dashboard 2 :slight_smile:

You are killing us with the suspense!