New user from Vera

Coming from Vera and need to know the best way to do this:

When Envisalink (user app) is armed -> change mode -> changes bunch of other stuff.

In Vera this was done with Envisalink > HomeModes > device settings (which was a configure-able group).


Welcome, try using rule machine. I would strongly suggest watching the hubitat videos first as the workflow is likely very different from Vera.
If there are capabilities that seem missing, hold on for a bit, rule machine 3.0 is due to be released shortly, and oh man is it powerful. You can see 3.0 in the hubitat live video on you tube from a few nights ago.

I left Vera as well,

Hubitat splits this function into two integrated apps, Mode Manager, and Hubiatat Safety Monitor.

Mode Manager designates when modes are set, Hubitat Safety Monitor designates what items set the alarm status triggered depending on which mode.....having these separated allows you to create specific rules in rule machine based upon mode status and security status separately.

I'm a former Iris user and am trying to transition to Hubitat but seriously considered the Vera hub. Why are you exiting the Vera system?

pscott, are you having some issue with Hubitat?

Yes, I'm having numerous issues in transitioning from Iris. After numerous factory resets, nothing seems to help.

  1. None of my Iris V1 buttons are recognized with either Zigbee or Zigbee Iris drivers
  2. My GE Plugin Smart Switch ZW4103 not recognized (Worked with Iris)
  3. One of my Iris V1 smart plugs pairs and works fine but not the other
  4. My Iris Smart Plug 3210L Zwave Plus does not pair
    5.. I purchased a Smart Things Zigbee button which paired and works fine but the two new ones I purchased do not.
  5. My new Smart Things motion sensor does not pair.
  6. My two Iris garage door controllers pair and operate properly.
  7. My Zigbee Iris version 1 dry contact switch does not pair.
  8. My Jasco GE wall switches all pair and operate properly.

I might be able to help you with your iris Z-Wave outlet. I have a few of these and I am kind of disputing that it is actually a Z-Wave device. Use the regular Zigbee pairing to pair it and it will work. The main thing is to make sure it’s factory reset before pairing. I think the process is something like hold the button down while plugging it in for x number of seconds but it’s been so long since I have done it that may be wrong.

3210-L is a Zigbee power reporting switch, it needs to be joined as a Zigbee device.
The Zwave section in this device provides zwave repeater functionality and currently has a completly separate join required.
Iris joined the zwave component during the zigbee pairing using some custom zigbee commands, these are not implemented in our driver, and it's not a huge priority right now to implement that feature.

Being a centralite oem device, they all have the same reset procedure.
Remove device power, hold down the button, reapply power and release when the led first illuminates.

Vera has had a long history of broken updates. This last broke many of my apps and my Z-wave network just keep having problems. So figured I would take a stab with Hubitat.

Will warn you, Hubitat needs LOTS of work. The omission of a Z-wave poller option is amazingly short sighted (and yes I know about Z-wave poller app, which needs way more options), I am only 3 days in and I could go on for hours on areas that need improvement.

Ever think that Vera needed this to compensate for it lack of capability with such a small memory partition/processing power of the hub in general? I mean most users literally have to exroot their entire software OFF of the hub onto a USB stick just so the hardware doesn't crash....

With 3 days your already able to tell why Hubitat is worse as compared to the platform that was so great it drove you to Hubitat?

Well, I used Vera for years and could easily list a dozen areas (probably 2 dozen, actually) it needs to improve in as well. No platform is perfect.

I will just say the same thing I say to anyone else that has a supposed long list of Hubitat complaints - post them here and/or submit tickets to support for consideration.

Having a list that you don't share helps neither you nor Hubitat.


Back onto the original question... I am not seeing how Mode Manager/HSM/Rule machine will allow me to set device settings per mode. Ie:
Home - light 1 - on
Away - light 1 - off
Stay - light 1 - unchanged

Also don't see a way to trigger off any element of the Envisalink alarm device. Ie, when armed do X.


At least two possible ways:

  • The out of the box "Simple Lighting" app. For example:

    Have one Simple Lighting child app for "Away" and one for "Home". Do nothing for stay/disarmed. Instead of my group replace it with your light.

  • The out of the box "Rule Machine" app. For example:

    Instead of the setMode() command replace it with actions to set your lights. Don't setup the condition for the else so that it does nothing for stay/disarmed.